Keeping It Fresh! 60 Seconds To Higher Page Rankings Part 3/5

This is the third of a 5-part series teaching you how to get found first on the Internet.

How Does Page Content Help Increase My Google Ranking?


To achieve a higher page ranking then the Google search engine must first recognize you as an expert on a particular topic, offering useful information that interests the people that you want to attract in an interesting way – this is called thought leadership. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Generate fresh, relevant content on a weekly basis speaking to a single user of your product seeking to solve a single problem at that moment. If your product solves multiple problems, then generate blog articles or page content for each;
  2. Organize your online content in the form of questions and answers about the most sought after features, advantages and benefits of your product(s) back-linking to other expert sites;
  3. Get inside of the mind of the person who’s personally responsible for fixing the problem that your product solves and write to the frustration and anxiety that they might be experiencing with the situation in that moment;
  4. Follow Zig Ziglar’s advice and write at the 7th grade, ninth month level, free from jargon and industry-speak.  This isn’t about talking down to your readers; rather, it’s about simplifying ideas into bite-size words and images that people can process quickly; and
  5. Make it easy for others to talk about your product on-line: keep information brief and to the point so that that others can link to specific features and benefits; include infographics, digital brochures and video content on pages that can that can be easily linked to 3rd party forums and blog articles.

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