Frequently Asked Questions

We partner with people and companies all over the world. The Internet makes it easy to collaborate on huge projects with little more than your smart phone.

We work with all size businesses – from a single mom blogging in her basement to Fortune 100 companies looking to streamline their global operations.

We offer programs for all types of businesses and all sizes of budget – call us, today and let’s discuss your project.

We use state-of-the-art on-line collaboration tools that ensure projects are mapped out in terms of timelines and tasks. Your team and ours will work within that project space, together, to ensure that all requirements, planning, design and development efforts are documented, tracked and monitored in real time.

We often use conference calls, screen shares and video conferencing to keep everyone focused on deadlines and deliverables.

It’s a proven system and we’re more than willing to walk you through the entire process so, call us today to start the process.

Beyond the design and development of your website, we offer programs that can help increase your exposure on search engine results while driving qualified purchasers your way. Our digital marketing program could be just what your looking for so call us, today, to learn more about the possibilities.

We have a security protocol in place that starts with non-disclosure agreements (NDA) between you and DIT. All of our staff are already sworn to secrecy but will enter into an additional NDA specific to your project. Our security protocol ensures that all documents, both physical and electronic, are stored on company owned equipment and that any physical “waste” documents are shredded.

If you would like to learn more about our security protocol, then please contact us to arrange a private conversation about your needs.

DIT does all of its work in-house with expert planners, designers, developers and trainers on staff. You will be assigned a project manager who will be your primary point of contact. You will probably interact with our planners and designers along the way but you will always have one point of contact – your project manager – for getting answers.

Every situation is different depending on the number of pages, photos and copy that has to be created. Typically, it takes a couple of weeks to get all of the planning completed – by then you’ll have a very good idea of what it’s going to look and feel like. There’s always a solution to tight timelines so please call us to discuss any urgent situation that you might be in.

And, don’t worry about pictures or text on the website – our designers and copywriters can work closely with you to get your message across just the way you want it presented.

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