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Not all Web Hosting is sliced the same – most providers try to overload their system and give everyone very little room to operate their business. Imagine putting 10 people into a bathroom. There wouldn’t be much room to move – this is what overloading is like.


DIT Business Web Hosting is never overloaded and we ensure you get regular backups of your website both onsite and offsite. The latest security scans are employed to help reduce security vulnerabilities.


Does Your Business Rely On Its Website?

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Business Web Hosting

Peace Of Mind for less than $1 per day

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    Not Overloaded

    We will not overload your business with thousands of websites on the same environment.

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    Premium Equipment

    We use the latest equipment in computer technology to ensure service is quick.

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    If there are equipment failures, we have measures in place to ensure other resources could come online to keep service operating.

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    Your site has the option of daily backups onsite and offsite, should something occur to our facility, the data is sent to another location.

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    Business Sites

    Your site is hosted with other business sites. We monitor who we bring on as customers and will only pick businesses that are family friendly.

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    Reduced Hacks

    Systems are in place to prevent and detect any misbehaving websites, so one bad apple doesn’t always effect the group. Subsribe to our Security Package for better protection

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    Customer Support

    Need help? Give us a call or shoot an email. We are always available to help during business hours.

Call DIT’s team @ (416) 461-1143 to get started today!


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