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Featured Company: FeelGood Natural Health Store

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Rose, Natalie, Angela, Tamana & Tom Weir

FeelGood Natural Health’s decision to switch their website hosting to DIT Web Solutions has been like a shot of vitamin C for their digital presence. Their website is now so fast and responsive; it could diagnose a cold before you even sneeze! This turbocharged upgrade has not only improved the user experience but has also given their search engine rankings a health boost, putting them on the first page of results faster than you can say, “an apple a day.”

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FeelGood Natural Health now utilizes an incredibly user-friendly content management system. Coupled with our lightning-fast servers, this newfound agility enables them to update their website with lightning speed, faster than you can utter, “take some willowbark and call me in the morning.” Plus, their customers enjoy seamless access to all their products without any loading delays, making their site exceptionally user-friendly.

Staying ahead of the latest trends in natural health has never been easier. They’re not just a website; they’re the healthcare equivalent of a superhero, swooping in to provide the latest information and products to their customers. So, whether you’re looking for wellness tips or the latest herbal remedies, think of FeelGood Natural Health as your trusty healthcare sidekick, ready to save the day!

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The custom email domains we provided have elevated FeelGood Natural Health’s brand image.

This personalized touch in communication establishes trust with customers, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted name in the healthcare industry. It sets them apart and leaves a lasting impression on their clientele.

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Plus, with our dedicated support team on their side, managing website updates has become and easy and straightforward . With all the technical stuff taken care of, they can focus on what they do best – providing top-notch natural health products that make you feel like a million bucks. So, in a world of online healthcare, FeelGood Natural Health is your reliable, well-dressed, and ever-so-trusty healthcare companion.
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FeelGood Natural Health decided to dive headfirst into the world of our marketing magic, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. They’ve been flexing their marketing muscles with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media wizardry, and email marketing campaigns, significantly expanding their reach out into their community

This strategic move has led to more qualified leads, helping them to uncover the key to online healthcare success. While some tread carefully in the realm of marketing, FeelGood Natural Health is diving in with humor, creating a significant impact in the industry.

FeelGood Natural Health is your reliable, well-dressed, and ever-so-trusty healthcare companion.

Here’s the magic we conjured:

  • Website Updates 
  • Business Hosting
  • Domain Management
  • Business Security
  • SSL* Certificates 
  • Pay Per Click 
  • Social Media Excellence

Take a cyber-journey to – where wellness meets the digital playground with a sprinkle of laughter!

* SSL = Secure Sockets Layer, security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server. 

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FeelGood Natural Health Food Stores – Helping You FeelGood About Your Health!

At FeelGood, we do a lot more than just sell health supplements. We provide you with the answers you need to make an informed choice. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and have resources to find the answers to your health related questions. We also find the products you can’t get anywhere else, so if you don’t see it on our site, please feel free to call or email us. If your doctor has recommended something, it may be from one of the professional brands that we carry. We look forward to helping you FeelGood today!

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About Us

We believe we have the best selection of natural health supplements and foods available online and in our stores. Buy natural remedies such as vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, diet food, weight loss supplements, body building, books, body care, organic foods, whole foods and natural pet food. Our website has all the health information and nutrition facts and information you need. We believe we have the best health food store online!

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DIT = Drive – Imagination – Technology

At DIT Web Solutions, we are interested in how to get through to people’s minds, how to position a product or service, and break through the noise.  The whole purpose of the internet and all this technology is to get your communication across.

You need to think differently to get different results. We wanted to create a company that delivered web solutions that excited people – that captured their imagination and allowed them to think bigger than they ever thought possible about their products, their business, and even themselves.

To do that we’ve created a team of incredible thinkers and doers – people who live beyond what’s possible, right now.

Let us know more about your story and your marketing challenges today.


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Louie Pateropoulos

Book your free Strategy Chat with Senior Partner,
Louie Pateropoulos.

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