It’s our approach to solving problems that sets us apart.

Your business isn’t a cookie cutter solution.
So, why should your business be treated that way?

DIT was founded with the objective of delivering a whole new way of thinking about how an idea is transformed into a digital product. And it begins with truly understanding where you want to go and how you want to get there.

An award winning team ready to go to work for you

Executive Team

The Visionary.
Rob has an uncanny knack for helping people put words to thought – getting ideas out of people’s head and onto paper where they can be explored and massaged into value-based digital products and services.

Partner & Chief Public Officer

Louie The Greek.
Louie is a Marketing Strategist, putting the overall plan together for your business. Clients use his knowledge and experience to guide their marketing strategy.

Partner & Chief Communications Officer

The Queen Bee.
Responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company's long and short term plans. Charlene joined us since the merger between Avenue Road Advertising and Digital Ink Technologies Inc. She is very happy to be with the new expanded team.


The Production God.
Jeremy comes from Down Under and has vegemite sandwiches for lunch. He is the master Production Manager, ensuring each and every job is getting done on time and on budget. Any delays in Production, and Jeremy starts feeding people to the crocs.

Chief Operations Officer
Production Team

Product Architect.
James has been working in software development since 1995, when he had much more hair. James specializes in mobile and online application design; collaborating with clients to design elegant, powerful solutions to meet their needs and those of their users.

Mobile and Online App Design

The Architect.
Shawn’s role is transforming the smallest kernel of an idea into a feature-rich model for a digital product; then creating a roadmap that gets the designers and developers to the finish line.

Information Architect

The Master Builder.
Leo has engineered sophisticated e-commerce and marketing automation systems that have put DIT clientele light years ahead of their competition - from the most complex payment gateway & lead tracking/management solutions to ingenious paperless inspection, survey & reporting systems.

Backend Developer

Ninja Nerd.
Internally we also call him the “Word Press King”, but he is versatile in many platforms and helps create fabulous custom websites utilizing his skills with UI (User Interface) for CMS (Content Management Systems) and E-commerce systems, and UX (User Experience) planning, delivering content-centric web solutions. Oh, and sometimes we call him Dennis.

Web Designer, UI, UX

Server-Side Superman.
Also known as “our hero”, he works on all Server, Hosting, Domain, Security and Email related duties. No easy task for the weak of heart, Mahmud has shown he is up to the challenge. For security and stability of all websites, Mahmud is your man.

Web Security and Stability

Creative Genius.
When it comes to envisioning the aesthetics for a new or re-imagined digital product – website, digital marketing piece, web application or smart phone app – Mike is hands down one of the best in the business.

Sales Associates

Marathon Man.
Aside from running 10K each morning, Steve is an Enterprise Solutions expert, keeping useful and reliable information flowing freely to decision makers, helping companies, especially those with multiple branches and large sales & customer service organizations, to increase sales and reduce operating costs.


The Charming Jew.
Lorne is our resident Hebrew and Digital Marketing Strategist. He loves talking to people and helping business owners to find out what they need to boost their business. He will help you find the most kosher marketing strategy for your company.


Keto Kyle.
Kyle is into health and fitness. Keto Kyle will not only ensure your business marketing is on the correct path to success, but he’ll also put you on a proper diet so as to ensure a long-term healthy relationship.


The Centre of Our Universe.
Also known as “Wild Thing”, Pam is able to multi-task and consistently get things done. She takes care of the whole DIT family.

Office Manager

We are an exceptionally strong team of designers, systems engineers and developers capable of putting
the information you need when you need in the hands of just about anyone anywhere.

We’re all about getting it right the first time.

DIT is the partner you’ve been looking for to help you realize your vision and we have a proven step-by-step process that can guarantee the success of just about any project you have in mind. It all starts with a simple idea for harnessing the power of Internet to engage, inspire and educate people to do more with what you have to offer.

Increased visibility= increased leads= increase in your sales.
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