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The Brainboost Learning Management System

We Deliver Your Message To A Broader Audience

Multiple Curriculums

Distribution Channel

Multiple Test Methods

Totally Automated

Analysis & Reporting


Deliver A Complete On-line Educational Experience.

The Brainboost Learning Management System allows you to develop a curriculum-based educational program starting with a core set of lessons that can be used and re-used into any number of course combinations.

Multiple Quiz Options

Lessons can include text, slide-show and video content and students can be quizzed for comprehension using multiple-choice, flash-card, drag & drop or single word-responses.

Channel Partner-ready

For organizations that lease or customize content for regional or vertical partners, the Brainboost Learning Management System can provide national, regional and site-level control over the distribution of content.

Multi-language Student Interface

Students benefit from a multilingual platform available in both French and English.

Graduation Certificate Automation

Course certificates can be uploaded and the system will distribute them to graduates customized with the student’s name on them, including an expiry date if required.

Reports & Statistical Analysis

The Brainboost Learning Management System offers a comprehensive tracking and monitoring system to keep administrators informed of course enrollments and completions.

Paypal Purchase Buttons

The Brainboost Learning Management Systems offers a simple method for generating Paypal buttons for your website that collect money and automatically enroll students into courses.

Call DIT today to discuss your on-line education needs and find out, for yourself, how The Brainboost Learning Management System can work for you.

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The Portals Enterprise Collaborative Resource System

Building Interactive, Online Stakeholder Communities.

Private & Public Folders

Multi-media Library

Simple, Familiar Interface

Mentor Program Management

3rd Party Security Integration


Building Bridges With Customers, Suppliers & Investors

The Portals Enterprise Collaborative Resource System allows organizations to invite people from the outside in, sharing information among groups in complex relationships.

Comprehensive Content Management System

Organizations can easily breakdown their operation into any number of internal groups, managing members and presenting them with text, images, files and video content. This feature is very helpful for content related to policies and procedures, such as health and safety and human resources.

Committee-Level Security

It is ideal for trade associations and educational institutions that allow outside stakeholders to participate on committees requiring controlled access to documents and files, including additional layered security and privileges for sub-committee members.

Alumni System

Trade, educational and fraternal organizations will benefit from The Portal’s alumni management system, making tracking and interacting with graduates & past committee executives easy and convenient.

Mentoring Program

The Portals Enterprise Collaborative Resource System has a powerful mentoring module that allows for both mentors and mentees to apply for status within the program; assigning mentoring relationships; program notifications and reminders; and tracking and reporting.

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