Winning Google’s Key Word Popularity Contest Part 4/5

This is the fourth of a 5-part series teaching you how to get found first on the Internet.

How Do Keywords & Phrases Improve
My Google Page Ranking?

The Google search engine deploys web crawlers that scour the internet for new and useful content, jumping from embedded page link to embedded page link remembering all content that crosses their path. But, if your website’s ‘robot.txt’ file isn’t configured properly then you could actually be blocking search engines from learning how to located valuable information on your website.

All of the words and phrases (logical groupings of words) on your website are then ranked for popularity in relation to other website content, trending conversations in forums and social networks but, more so, on how often people use a particular word or phrase while searching for content online.

To rank higher then your page must be positioned as a solution to the problems that everyday people want to solve most using simple, end-user words rather than industry jargon: “Where do I buy a widget in Scarborough?”, “How do I use my widget to carve oak plank?”, “Where is the user manual for a widget?”, “Where do I get training on a widget in North York?”, “Why does my widget cough and sputter when I push the throttle in hard?”.  These key words and phrases must be firmly embedded in the visible page content as well as the underlying hidden content that instructs web crawlers how to index your page content, referred to as ‘meta data’ – including the page’s title and file/slug name.

How do you know what key words and phrases are essential to your industry, business or products? Use Google’s keyword planner tool – it’s free and it will help you choose the best key words and phrases for your needs.  To help you even more with your page-level search engine optimization you might benefit from tools, such as Yoast’s advanced SEO plugin, that read the content of your page and provide detailed explanations for tweaking your key words and page structures.

If you lack the time or expertise to improve your website’s search ranking, then CALL DIT TODAY to discuss how we can help you. Our track record will speak for itself in helping businesses, just like yours, get to the top!

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