Why Your Website Is Invisible To Mobile Users
Part 5/5

This is the fifth of a 5-part series teaching you how to get found first on the Internet.

Why should I care about making my website mobile friendly?

The Google search engine makes your website virtually invisible to people looking for your products and services if it doesn’t follow a few basic rules in being mobile friendly.

  1.  80% of internet users own a smartphone;
  2.  Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to desktop conversion rates;
  3. Tablet devices account for the highest add-to-cart rates on e-commerce websites at 8.58%; and
  4. 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.

Source: https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/mobile-marketing-statistics-for-2016

How do I increase mobile traffic to my website?

  1. Increase Mobile Friendliness – all your site content must shrink down to fit inside of a mobile device without losing value in terms of text, images and/or functionality;
  2. Integrate A Responsive Design – regardless of what size screen the user is viewing, content resizes and reorganizes in a fluid motion; and
  3. Implement an Adaptive Design – complex websites are configured with layout templates for each type of viewing platform: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Source: http://www.dexmedia.com/blog/what-does-mobile-friendly-mean-6-definitions/

What if my current site doesn’t work well with mobile devices?

  1. Develop A Separate Mobile Site (m dot site) – if your primary website is too complex to scale down into an engaging smart phone presentation then you should opt for developing a separate mobile-only website; and/or
  2. Publish A Mobile App –you could opt to encapsulate your web content inside of an app to deliver a richer, more engaging mobile experience.

Test your website’s mobile friendly-factor for yourself and then call DIT to help put a plan in place to prevent your website from becoming invisible to the mobile marketplace.


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Why Your Website Is Invisible To Mobile Users
Part 5/5

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