What is a Google Featured Snippet?

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What is a Google Featured Snippet?

A Featured Snippet is a Google element that can drastically affect SEO in several ways. These short pieces of content are an ideal means of achieving more clicks from organic search results. This can be achieved without having the highest rank on the relevant word or phrase. 

You can also greatly increase the number of immediate clicks you get to your site. When your snippet content is clear and concise, a user knows whether your article answers their specific question. 

The Definition Box

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This is a space for short content created to give searching users a direct, efficient understanding or description of the content attached. When you can achieve placement in this space, you can give users a quick view of the information, linked as the most reliable source. 

Unlike a normal rank, the definition box answers a specific query directly and is seen as the most direct information available. Getting placed here is valuable for SEO and online visibility. 

The Table

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The table result or snippet is created when Google pulls data from a page and displays it as a standalone image. This shows the key points of your featured data above, a link to your full page, as well as a breakdown. Again, this provides users with the most concise and efficient view of the info, showing your information on the results page rather than just a ranked post to the content. 
The Ordered List

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This list of items and bulleted info points can be pulled from a site to be presented as a structured list on the results page. These may present a set sequence of instructions or items, all listed concisely below the query. These are often frequently asked questions related to the search, giving the most popular or accurate information as a response. 

An ordered list is a more efficient way to provide users with information as it gives them alternatives to their search that may be better suited to their needs. 

The Unordered List

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This is Google’s way of presenting a list or sequence with no particular order. These give users a natural look at the body of information and what it generally holds. This unordered nature means there is no immediate need to follow step by step or that the top is the highest rank, simply that they are listed under the given title. 

A Google Featured Snippet is great to achieve, showing the quality of your information and placing you in prime real estate with the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Contact me today and I will answer your questions about these services. 

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