Marketing Monday Newsletter #7, Website Responsiveness

Website Responsiveness

Why You Should Prioritize Website Responsiveness

The truth is your high-standard content, high-resolution images, and engaging videos are not going to be productive if consumers cannot view them and your website on their devices. 

You’ve surely come across a website that is not mobile-friendly and experienced the frustrations first-hand. With that in mind, you’ll also know just how quickly consumers jump ship when website responsiveness interrupts their user experience. That means they are leaving your site and you are creating a direct link to your competitors and sending your leads straight to their inbox instead. 

Essentially, it comes down to consumer convenience. They can continue enjoying your content and learning about your brand without interruption as they switch between their mobile phones, tablets and laptops throughout the day.

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The Benefits Of A Responsive Website In A Multi-Screen Society

The odds of walking into a room, restaurant, sports arena or even on the beach without seeing a multitude of mobile devices is highly unlikely. In fact, our cellphones seem to have become an extra limb on our bodies. Their convenience and entertainment mean we never leave the house without them, and your business can use that to its advantage!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a responsive website for your business:

Using responsive design eliminates the costs of maintaining mobile and non-mobile sites, allowing you to invest in a single site design that appeals to visitors on various devices.

A website with a responsive design allows for quick and efficient changes and enhancements because you only need to do it once. This flexibility is especially advantageous for small design tweaks and corrections.

Improve user experience:
Website responsiveness eliminates the need for visitors to zoom in and scroll unnecessarily, which means your website will be easier to navigate, and your content will be easy to view.

Search engine optimization return:
Responsive design can help your SEO efforts as search engines favour mobile-friendly websites. Along with your other search engine optimization tactics, responsiveness can significantly boost your search engine results. Google in particular rewards sites that are mobile responsive by ranking them higher than non-mobile responsive sites.

Easy to manage:
A responsive website is easy to maintain in that you don’t need to hire a designer to make changes and improvements. Instead, you can do it yourself. In addition, other aspects of your marketing strategy become easier to manage, as you only have one website to optimize.


Rather than telling you how our SEO services can help, we’d love to SHOW you! Contact me today to learn how to make your website more responsive.

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