To Imitate or Not to Imitate Your Competitors?

I love doing impersonations. Something I’ve always loved and had a knack for, especially through this great form of communication called singing.

A friend of mind videoed my ending of Louis Armstrong’s song “What a Wonderful World” this past Sunday. Unexpectedly, it went around to friends and the next thing I know I was asked to perform it this Saturday for an event.

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I’ve attached the 30 second end part of the video for you, let me know what you think.

Many companies aspire to be positioned with a company that they consider to be the leader in their field. For example, Alpine Roofing in Toronto during the 80’s changed their logo colours from red on white to the exact blue on white that a well-established and successful company called Avenue Road Roofing had. They then made their vehicles with the same big lettering as Avenue Road Roofing. The consumers started to even confuse the two, thinking one was the other, which was a great advantage for Alpine Roofing. 

As I was helping Avenue Road Roofing with their advertising at the time, we all found this annoying. But, on the other hand, it was the ultimate compliment and it got Alpine Roofing into the roofing game. They continued copying our lawn sign campaign and later I even heard they copied Avenue Road Roofing’s contracts.

We see China doing knock-offs of other successful products and releasing them at a lesser price. We see people like myself wanting to do Elvis impersonations or Louis Armstrong songs. We see famous impersonators like Jim Meskimen and Rich Little, who is one of my favorites, creating entertainment by copying or through impersonations.

With your online marketing, we look at your top online competitors, see what links they have, what actions they are taking online, and copy some of those efforts to boost you up in rankings and position you with them, slightly below them or above them.  Don’t forget, there is nothing wrong with “We’re #2, we try harder”, which was a game changer for Avis Rental cars.

We took on The Shed Company years ago. At that time, I felt if we could imitate some of the online positions the big retail stores had, it would put them in a position to get some more orders.
Result? It did exactly that and they are known as the go-to shed company.

Send me an email if there’s a competitor you’d like to be ranked with, either above, next to or slightly below. You can make it happen; we can help. 

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