The Phenomenon That Is The Beatles

The Phenomenon That Is The Beatles

Although I never saw The Beatles perform in person, who hasn’t heard their music or sung one of their tunes at some point? What made them so good?

The group formed in Liverpool in 1960 made of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

I grew up liking The Beatles a lot and have done many of their covers at gatherings like: Let it Be, Please Please Me, Eleonor Rigby, Golden Slumbers, Hey Jude, Help, Fool on the Hill, Yesterday, and many more.

From my marketing eyes, here’s one reason The Beatles were very successful and are still played quite regularly. In marketing, we like a message to be instantly understood. Even the name of your company ideally should give instant understanding.  Growing up, I couldn’t understand some of the lyrics of some of the bands. In fact 30 years later my wife is still correcting me on some lyrics while laughing that I had that word wrong all this time. But not with the Beatles! Their lyrics and messages in their songs were clear!

“Help, I need somebody
“(Help) not just anybody
“(Help) you know I need someone, help…”

It’s clear, easily understood, easily duplicatable. When you have understanding, you have an affinity for that thing or subject and can communicate about it freely.

That’s The Beatles for me!

When we do designs, we always attempt to steer our client to keep it simple. Simple sells.

If you jam everything you know on your website home page, that isn’t simple. If you design your lawn signs like a flyer, that isn’t simple.

People will use the apps they understand that are simple. Who gravitates to complexities? No one.

Lead with one service. Brand that one service and build it strong. Then you can build on the strength of that product with your clients and let them know what other products and services you have that they would benefit from. Keep it simple.

The Beatles didn’t need any help, pun intended. They found the formula, weren’t complex songwriters or musicians, told the story and, lo and behold in 2022 and beyond, we are still singing Blackbird, Strawberry Fields Forever, Love, Love me Do …

With DIT Web Solutions on your team, we can Come Together and With A Little Help From My Friends, help you get your Ticket To Ride and show you that Here Comes the Sun for your business!

See what I did there? Pretty good right? Call me. Don’t Let Me Down. 

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