The Name Is Bond, James Bond

The Name Is Bond, James Bond

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The James Bond literary franchise is a series of novels and short stories. The series was first published in 1953 by Ian Fleming, a British author, journalist, and former naval intelligence officer. James Bond, often referred to by his code name, 007, is a British Secret Service agent.
A high-five to all the writers of the world! How many times have we watched a great movie based on a novel? Many, so a shout out to all writers please!

Check these crazy stats!

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May 8, 1963 DR. NO: Sir Sean Connery starred in this production and the budget was $1,000,000. How much did the movie make? Answer: $59,567,035.

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April 8, 1964 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE: Production costs were doubled at $2,000,000. How much did the movie make? Answer: $78,900,000.

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With people liking what they were seeing, the budget was increased again to $3,000,000 for Sean Connery’s GOLDFINGER. The sales? A whopping $124,900,000.

Sean Connery went on to star in seven more Bond films.

In 1973, enter Roger Moore. One of my favourites, I found his wit, coupled with the gadgets and his true British genes, to be the best.

Check out this spike in the stats: his first Bond movie was Live and Let Die. The production costs were $7,000,000. What did the box office numbers came in at? $161,800,000. Holy Greek Gods!

The Man with The Golden Gun had a production budget of $7,000,000. The sales at the box office for this one crashed to: $97,600,000. If only we could all make $90,000,000 million and consider it a crash!

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Have no fear, they shook things up without stirring the pot too much with one of my favorite Bond movies, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. Production costs: $14,000,000. How much were the box office sales? Wait for it…: $185,400,000.

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Pierce Brosnan ended up doing 4 movies, and I thought he was great too: GoldenEye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999), and Die Another Day (2002). They spent $60,000,000 to make GoldenEye and it made $356,429,941.

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Now, Roger Craig as James Bond had the advantage of more internet activity, increased social media advertising – the world of digital marketing in full force. They spent $200,000,000 to produce another favorite of mine, SKYFALL, and made: $1,110,526,981.

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The most recent Bond movie, No Time to Die, has become the top-grossing Hollywood movie of the pandemic era at the international box office after finishing Sunday with $708,000,000 in ticket sales!

Ok, we, the people of Earth, LOVE James Bond and the franchise is a massive, ongoing success.

What can we apply to our businesses from the James Bond collection?

  1. Have a great team in your business.
  2. Use the internet fully; use Social Media, use Public Relations, Marketing, Branding – all of it.
  3. Once you have the winning formula, stick to it.
  4. Use wit, make people laugh, nothing wrong with adding that into your business model; we do.
  5. Use aesthetics. Beautiful photos, art, women, men; people are attracted to the beautiful.
  6. And after putting the above together, perhaps write a book or an e-book on something people will find valuable or a series of books relative to your business.

Shake up your business in a good way; shake, don’t stir.

To take full advantage of the Internet, creating daily postings of your great work on social media, creating aesthetic designs of your work, give us a call.

Just ask for Bond, James Bond. Or better yet, ask for The Greek, Louie the Greek.

Book your complimentary Strategy Chat with a Senior Partner,
Louie Pateropoulos.

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Louie Pateropoulos

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