The Famous Rich Little

The Famous Rich Little

DIT would like to acknowledge Canadian icon Rich Little for his lifetime achievements of entertaining us via his amazing impersonations.

Sometimes referred to as the man of 1000 voices, he has also recorded 9 comedic albums.

Now 83 years young, Rich Little started his promoting himself and entertaining others at the age of 11, when he acted in two documentary movies for Crawley Films of Ottawa.


Watch this video of Rich Little on The David Letterman show:

Over 60 years of impersonating and entertaining us, giving us a good laugh.
Who couldn’t use a good laugh?

Some of his famous impersonations are:

  • Ronald Reagan
  • Richard Nixon
  • George W Bush Jr.
  • George W Bush Sr.
  • John Wayne -in fact a judge once asked him to do his John Wayne impersonation before swearing him in!
  • Johnny Carson
  • Sean Connery
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Joe Biden
Rich Little says he knows 100 voices really well.

What can we learn from Rich Little that we can apply to our businesses?

  • Start early. With online marketing, start right away and build up your presence.
  • Learn your product and services really well.
  • Specialize in some of them, become known for them: more is not always better as it is tough to compartment them all in the mind. Better to be known as the Pool Company, The Shed Company, The Roofing Company, The Best Dentist in Ottawa (where Rich Little is from, by the way).
  • Be upbeat: that starts with the first answering of your prospects call. Make people laugh before talking business if you can.
  • Never stop promoting yourself and your business. Everyone we have featured has this in common – they don’t stop.
  • Have excellent PR (public relations): this can be done with our 5-days per week daily branding posts on Social Media where you can showcase your work at all times.

At DIT Web Solutions, we have over 15 in-house staff and 75+ people in our network that we put to work for you. From Social Media and Google Ads experts along with an SEO team; in-house Developers, Copywriters and Designers; in-house purchasing of your domain names, hosting services, and total security of your digital landscape services; in-house App development, custom software solutions, along with all the traditional marketing options (over 600,000 promotional products to brand your business) – we have you covered!
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