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Where do I begin???
We are a small family run business trying to keep our heads above water with the competition that is out there. With today’s technology, not familiar with marketing, we were very limited in knowledge of how to advertise. We were intimidated trying to keep up with our competitors. Where do you start? Who do you turn to? Luckily, we got a call from DIT Web Solutions.
We had no idea where to begin or what to do. But my partner in the business talked to Louie the owner. Discussed lawn signs and flyers back in 2015. Budget was hard so we started with signs. The signs were great and worked well. Got more customers! Then about 3 to 5 years later, my business partner had a meeting with Louie at their office location. Realizing we needed to get to the next level. They discussed who Olympic Pool Services is as a company and what services we provide. Discussed other advertising options and even upgrading our current website at the time. I thought our original site was “good enough” but did not realize we were missing all the marks on our website and how outdated we were. I strongly advised my business partner that we need to take a chance and invest in advertising. So, we decided to redo our website from top to bottom. Got off of GoDaddy and have them Host our new website. Considering all the work involved and what they were able to produce, it was well worth the price. I now understand the concept, “you get what you pay for” or “you got to spend money, to make money”. Which we did. And we couldn’t be happier. We also jumped on board with their SEO marketing package. Those were the best investments we have made in our business to date.
Before DIT, I didn’t know SEO was a thing. I learned a lot through them and what they can bring to the business table. And they can do this for your business as well. Businesses small or big. They don’t try to upsell or back you into a corner to sign a contract. They listen to you and what your business needs are, and they provide you with exceptional service and results.
Being new to the digital market, we had a lot of questions. Thank God for Mahmood and the support team were always quick to respond and answer any silly questions we had. Any revisions that needed to be made to our website were addressed right away.
DIT doesn’t just build a website and leave you; they stay with you! They monitor the website doing verified security checks, they do updates, upgrades, and even blogs for our website. Erin, who does our blogs is so in tune with our company, you’d think she was part of our company.
Everything is just seamless and we’re so happy with the hard work their team puts in. And I’m sure to thank them any chance I get 🙂
Not only does the team at DIT give you their all, but they also learn who your company is and help build your brand and help lift you up, as a company and an owner.
We had a trying couple of years before DIT and I can honestly say, almost 10 years later, thanks to our website and SEO marketing package, we’re still going and have grown to the next level.
We look forward to what the upcoming season brings and what level they take us to next!
Thank you, DIT, for everything you do.
Olympic Pool Services 2024
Dominion Business Machines has been looking fr help with internet based marketing–ender DIT Solutions. Their personal attention to our account and excellent advice has moved our ranking and resulted in more business for Dominion.Big Thank you and Big recommendDominion Business Machines 2024
We are both really happy. You knocked it out of the park on the first shot!!
Consumer Direct Windows & Doors 2023
Things are great here, thank you.
Yes, I have worked with Rob for years – back when he ran DIT out of his parent’s basement! I’m always happy with the team at DIT. I usually only deal with Rob and Leo as those two know our system so well. Over the years, we’ve added many features, so it has become a bit complex. Leo is amazing. I send him a deck with my feature requests, and he brings it to life.
I always speak highly of DIT and have referred many people over the years.
Thanks again for reaching out…Better Beer 2022
We have seen significant results in our online and google presence since working with DIT. The only advertising we are using is google ads and SEO. Referral and repeat business aside, all of our leads come from majority google and website. This would be by far our best investment to date. Louie and his whole team at DIT provide a proven expertise and their focus and passion for what they do and has benefited us greatly. It is always a pleasure to work with them.The Shed Company 2021
I had the most incredible time working with the DIT team. They are a very knowledgeable team that catered and customized to our requirements and produced results that took an additional positive step in further optimizing profitability and making positive results. DIT is very prompt, courteous, and highly knowledgeable. They are very approachable, providing quick resolutions to address any concern or issues no matter how small or trivial. I loved our product concept, which went well and above our expectations. I highly recommend DIT for all projects. Thank you to all the team members at DIT. Keep up the great work. You are the best!!! Thank you 🙂Rogers Transport & Courier 2021
It’s been a pleasure to work with DIT – we gave them a huge challenge, re-invent our website using modern techniques and make it youthful and more contemporary
They succeeded with every aspect – from planning to execution – if you need help with any aspect of communication DIT would be a great asset…Canada Christian College 2020
I have used DIT for my website for over four years. I cannot think of a more professional organization to have partnered up with. Their team really care and offer exceptional customer service. Recently I have increased the amount of goods and services I use with DIT. I highly recommend using Rob and his team, you will not be disappointed. Thanks.Putting Whitby First 2018
We “hired” DIT Canada to build our App mimicking the workforce called Hire and Fire your Kids. Had the pleasure of working along side our product Architect. He was very in tune to my vision, my goals and encouraged a lot of out-of-the-box thinking.
Was very impressed with their designs. DIT came up with two different options and I actually liked both! Decided to go with the one that was more clean and concise looking. Any of the edits I had to make were minimal, as we were on the same page based on my dealings with DIT for the wire frames and interaction flows.

Very happy with all the work performed by DIT thus far, keep it up!!!Hire and Fire Your Kids 2018

DIT has been great to work with on our new website launch. A project that started over a year ago and has changed hands from maternity leave, they have worked tirelessly to help inform and then hear our vision and continue to be a supportive team to make sure we arrive at the right solution for our website needs. Even as our needs grow and change as does any web project they have been accommodating and quick to follow up.Abilities Center 2014

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