Process Improvement

With the increasing complexity of our lives and business world, it is becoming more and more vital to consider improving process when it comes to dealing with anything that is carried out in any volume.

Your business processes are unique. Maybe they are simple – talk to a new client, sell them some goods and ship them off. Or maybe you have an in-depth process that spans the entire length of the sales and delivery cycle.

But processes can be lacking or missing. How does this cost YOU time and money?

Business Process Tools1

Problems that can double or triple work with poor processes and process management:

  • Double (triple, quadruple etc) entry:
    • putting something in one place, and re-entering the same info somewhere else by yourself or someone else
  • Information or resources inaccessible
    • The item or information you need is somewhere else
  • Information not recorded
    • There was information that was put together at one point, but never recorded or noted so that it could be referred to later
  • Incorrect Sequence
    • Doing one thing after another when it should be done before can lead to more double work
  • Process not documented or followed
    • One person does it one way, another person does it another. This can lead to all of the above!
  • Too much information to be useful
    • If you are faced with too much information when you are looking for something, then you will actually be wasting time looking rather than using information
  • … and many other ways, that all result in lost time and money

Many of the productivity software apps and tools out there all address some aspects of the above. With Business processes being almost as numerous as businesses, mastering all aspects of your process problems can take more than just buying an app!

Enter DIT. We are masters when it comes to taking YOUR processes, and making them efficient and simple, all online. By using the internet, we are able to make your business accessible to you wherever you are. We can build you a system that means the work is done where you are, rather than “back at the office” or “later when you have the time to look for it.” This may not solve all process problems, but by making a system that follows your process, is custom to it, you can eliminate a LOT of work for yourselves and your team.

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