Should I Also Do PPC?

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Should I also do PPC?

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Impact your Audience

PPC can be a game changer for your business, ensuring you can reach users on your terms. Pay-per-click, known in the industry as PPC, can be valuable in the digital marketing world when running a business. PPC is an online advertising model where advertisers pay a publisher every time an advertisement link is clicked on. Alternatively, PPC is known as the cost-per-click (CPC) model. The pay-per-click model is offered primarily by search engines (e.g., Google) and social networks (e.g., Facebook). Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads are currently the most popular platforms for PPC advertising.

While SEO and social media take time to build up visibility and optimization, paid ads provide a more direct route to messaging. These messages appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) above the organic results, ensuring that there is a valuable placement for ads.

When you bid and win the space for a keyword, you can show up first to a wide range of your audience searching for your services.

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Contribute to Business Goals

You can achieve your business goals with a strategic approach to ads online. When people are searching for industry or service-related keywords, they should see your link pop up at the top of the page. This puts your business in a position to capture as much traffic as possible, presenting the easiest option for potential clients to click on. 

As these messages present a streamlined way of connecting with users, you can use analytics and data to refine your content and engage users. In other words, you can monitor your stats, and see what’s working best, then strengthen that ad.


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Measurable and Trackable
When you use these data-driven systems, you can then access a host of analytics. This ensures that you have measurable and trackable results that you can use to enhance your business performance. The ability to track your performance and see profit or loss in real-time allows you to manage campaigns more effectively and get the most out of your ad placements. 
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Quick Entry
When you win an ad bid, it goes live immediately. This means that you have an impact right away. This part of the implementation makes these paid ads ideal for short seasonal sales or timely messages that must be sent to your clients. When you can provide quick access to SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for your business, you can reach more users and increase the likelihood of having them click through to your site.  Plus, ads can be started and stopped anytime you choose.
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Elements of PPC Ads
Some of the elements that can be monitored and changed on your ad campaign include:The ad itself: you can do A/B testing to determine which message gets the best response. Multiple ads can be created and tested until you find the best ROI ads.

Audience: on some platforms such as Facebook, you can test audiences, pick your industry or type of public and more specific demographics.

Timing: you can change the times your ad goes out until you determine the best response times.

Keywords: these can be determined and changed as the campaign gets more information built up around it to see what is getting best responses.  You can also add negative keywords to avoid getting traffic from certain areas.

Call Tracking:  We can set up a virtual number that directs to your actual number. This allows the system to track how many calls came directly from your ads.


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Improved Business Control
Control over your business and its’ ad campaigns are paramount to success. When you use these ads, you can choose your bids and refine ads once posted. You can pause and start them or set dates ahead of time. When you can control cost and spending elements, as well as the timing of the messages, you can manage your business ads more effectively.  
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PPC can be a game changer for your business, ensuring you can reach your users on your terms. This pay-to-win strategy allows you to immediately impact your audience and put yourself in a position to drive traffic to your site. 
Contact me today to find out how PPC can work for your business.

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