Paul McCartney Is Still Rocking It At Age 79

Another hero of mine is Paul McCartney. He’s sold over 100 million albums and 100 million singles, which is incredible. He has 8.8 million followers on Facebook and 3.7 million on Instagram.

At 79 he has another best selling album with: McCartney III Imagined.

My wife and I saw him live in concert in Toronto in 1993. I will never forget “Na-Na-Naing” at the concert with everyone else. Magical! 

Last August Paul tweeted:

“It’s official–#ThreeImagine is a record breaker!

“You guys made it the first remix album to reach #1 on the @billboard US Top Album Sales chart in 10 years

“#1 Album Sales

“#1 Rock Album

“#1 Vinyl Album


I like to promote businesses consistently and aggressively. While we have been promoting many companies, a commonality amongst businesses has become apparent. This is at a smaller scale than an icon like Paul McCartney of course, but the model is the same:

 1. Each business found a way have a sufficient budget to promote their business

 2. Each business stuck to the budget so they have enough impact on the internet

Paul doesn’t have to promote, he doesn’t even have to come up with new albums. We will never stop singing his songs. He continues to promote, he continues to be out there and continues breaking his own records (pun intended).

If I told you how much some companies spend on Google Ads, it might shock you. If you look at their sales volume because of those ads, which are in the millions, that shocked feeling would most likely dissipate.

It’s promoting yourself, your business, and services aggressively that makes you money. It does not cost you money in reality. It does cost you when you build a website cheaply, like the one we just scanned that has over 50,000 errors. Or trying to to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on all your services in a major city with an insufficient budget of $500 per month – that’s when it costs you money versus makes you money.

Everyone is searching on the internet, every moment of every day. That’s good information isn’t it? It means you have a huge pool of prospects for your products and services right there.

The only barrier is changing your mind set about promotion. You should be aggressively going after this, not looking for the cheapest company, but rather who will get you out there, who will celebritize your business, who will brand you.  This takes consistent search engine optimization that keeps building through Google Ads, Social Media branding, Facebook, and Instagram Ads. This is what keeps your business relevant and in front of your target audience.

Alternately, you can come up with great hits like Paul, but you would still have to promote yourself, wouldn’t you?

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