On-line Collaboration: They Key To Launching Big Ideas

It’s not uncommon to have people working from the office, at home and in their car.

The pressure is on, however, when there is an expectation to keep on top of the hundreds, even thousands, of conversations that are going on each and every day among co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners.

The big risk is someone making a decision based on old or outdated information. Or, worse, a competitive opportunity being lost because a vital piece of information didn’t make its way to or from the right person in time.

Collaborative technologies, then, are the single most important tool that any customer-driven organization can have in place – especially in resolving customer service issues.

Sure, email can fill that void some of the time – but, where documents and conversations are constantly being updated by a group of people, simple mail tools can become very, very cumbersome to track and trace important facts, figures and reports.

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) are another collaborative tool. But, many systems are nothing more than databases that can gather facts and figures but lack the implementation of any meaningful reporting and analysis components.

DIT works with organizations producing tens of thousands of sales transactions each and every day requiring constant dialogue from C-level offices all the way down to front-line employees to solve customer-related concerns and complaints. It is an expert in pulling information from multiple sources and presenting it in a simple interface on the desktop, tablet and smart device. Decisions are made quickly and with confidence because the right person has the right information at the right time.

If you’re looking for better way to keep your stakeholders informed with accurate, reliable and current information then call DIT, first.

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