Mark’s Work Warehouse

Marks, or when I was growing up Marks Work Warehouse, is one of my favorite shopping stops for men’s attire. On my birthdays or for Christmas I’d ask everyone for Mark’s gift cards and let them stack up. In February or March I’d walk into a local store and let it rip with purchases of men’s clothing for myself.

Mark’s is a Canadian clothing and footwear retailer specializing in casual and industrial wear. Beginning in 1977 as Mark’s Work Wearhouse in Calgary, Alberta, it evolved from an industrial accessories dealer to a men’s casual and industrial wear retailer.

Why Marks?

Well, they have a USP that got my attention instantly when they started promoting it. A USP is a Unique Selling Proposition. It’s what makes them unique and separates them from others. What is it you may be thinking?

“Wrinkle resistant clothing,” this was music to my wife’s and my ears. Over the years I’ve actually taken cleaned shirts to the dry cleaners just to get them ironed. I hate ironing!

So, when Mark’s launched this line of clothing AND PROMOTED IT, I was in like Flynn! (In like Flynn” is a phrase meaning “having quickly or easily achieved a goal or gained access as desired.”)

A great USP can generate demand all on it’s own.  Then you have to promote that USP.  You can have the best service and the best products in your area, but if no one knows about them …

I’ve met great owners with amazing services and products for almost 30 years now. The ones that were known in a broad sphere had many forms of promotion.

Mark’s has also achieved success with their uniqueness, their USP. With 380 stores across Canada, they have truly made their “Mark.”

For more information and ideas of Unique Selling Propositions, here is a short video:

Hope you find this data useful for your business. Wishing your business amazing success in 2022!

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Louie Pateropoulos

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