Marketing Monday Newsletter #31, Google Trends

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Google Trends & The Future of SEO

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Making use of Google Trends before they pass can be beneficial to sustaining and growing your business online.

Google Trends is a free website tool that analyzes the popularity of Google search terms using real-time data. It shows users what people are searching for as impacted by time, season, and location. You can then use that information to create your marketing strategy.

As these systems show the analytics of topics of discussion, you can use them to drive interested people to your pages through relevant writing.

Acting quickly and decisively gives you an advantage in the market. Read on to learn more about the benefits of staying ahead with the right expertise on hand.

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Identify Niches

You can easily find quickly growing or newly discovered niche topics by using this data-focused system. You can adjust your search range from “Past 12 months” to “2010-present” when looking for a new niche. 

Through this data, you can see whether topics and search volumes are rising or falling and how they compare to historical performance. However, it also lets you take a precise snapshot of seasonal changes.

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Utilize Relevant Product Categories

This system also makes it simple to find a niche topic that is rapidly increasing in value. You should constantly change your search range to ensure you get a full scope of traction and relevance when looking for a new niche. By doing this, you can determine whether the search traffic is increasing or decreasing. You can also use it to get an accurate image of seasonal variations.

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Improved Keyword Research

Imagine that you offer men’s shirts in your store. Google Trends indicates a real-time performance metric for this keyword. If it shows an increase in search volume, that is vitally good, however a drop or fluctuation can be a sign to pull away. But right now, you must decide which keywords to use, how to name your product categories, and how to make a blog post about men’s shirts as search-engine-friendly as possible. 

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Create Content About Current Trends

On the front page of Google Trends, there is a section for trending searches. Trending searches will reveal the current hottest topics. You can browse daily trending searches as well as current search trends while searching by nation. Although celebrity news dominates most trending searches, there are other hot topics related to specific niches.

SEO trends must be captured before they lose relevance, and with the right professional team, you can catch every piece of content on the uptake of a trend. Focusing on these opportunities can be great for your marketing campaigns. 


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