Marketing Monday Newsletter #30, Google Analytics

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Why You Should be Using Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is an essential part of marketing businesses online today. It provides vital insight into audiences and their behaviour, giving you alternative approaches to use in future campaigns. With the right information, you can tailor your campaigns to hit the right notes and reach the right audience members online.

Read on to find out a bit more about utilizing this innovative marketing tool to propel your brand and business online.

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User Sources

This analytical system includes a whole area called “Acquisition” that’s dedicated to telling you how people found your website. Google keeps track of how many people arrive at your website by putting it directly into a search engine, clicking on a link in search results, sharing it on social media, visiting it from other websites, or coming via paid advertisements.

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On-Site Behavior

The first significant challenge you confront is getting visitors to your website, but keeping them there and encouraging repeat visits is equally crucial. Google Analytics keeps track of such data. The behavior insight area offers details on which pages on your website visitors frequently visit first, which pages they click through to next, and how long they stay there.

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User Data

You undoubtedly value a particular kind of visitor more than others. This system gives you data on the demographics, locations, and general online interests of the visitors to your website. You can also see the devices and browsers they are using. 

Keep in mind, you might be losing some visitors if your website gives a varied experience depending on the device or browser being used.

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Preferences And Drivers

Almost every website has some pages that receive more visitors than others. Additionally, you’ll have some pages that drive more conversions or keep visitors on the site longer than others. 

Google Analytics will assist you in locating any material that is driving an excessive amount of your traffic and is ranking highly or receiving a lot of shares. The system also enables you to identify any pages that are particularly effective at turning visitors into customers or email subscribers.

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Track Conversions 

The actions that various websites want users to take will vary. For your website, you can set up conversion tracking depending on the actions you want visitors to take, including completing a form, joining your email list, or making a purchase. This information will typically be the most significant indicator of how well your website is performing its primary function. 

Equipped with all of this information, you can assess what is driving conversions on your website and why.

Overall, Google Analytics gives you much-needed insight into your online performance and how users are interacting with your website. You can hone in on the best way to reach consumers and why they are looking at your pages. 


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