The Mind of the Customer & Online Shopping

A good knowledge of the way the minds of your customers go about making purchase decisions and those factors that influence their shopping behaviours can give a huge advantage to your company.

In 1966, Francesco M. Nicosia propounded a model to analyze consumers’ behavioural process. It is called the Nicosia Model.

The Nicosia Model operates in four steps.

First is the attitude formation process, then comes the evaluation stage, followed by the actual purchase and finally, the customer behaviour feedback. This model helps you to understand the way your customers think and how they make their decisions. Consequently, this knowledge would equip you with strategies to put in place, to provide the best shopping experience for your customers.

Research has shown that generally, people are more attracted by things they see compared to things they read and hear. The former tend to remain in the human’s mind for a while longer. Scientists say the human brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than texts and 90% of information sent to the brain are visuals.

In fact, it goes further than that.

Did you know that colors, music, smell, signage, and more are examples of things you could use to build a memorable customer experience for your patronizers? Well, there is that!

For example, colors are used to market specific products, like pink for beauty products and black for luxury products. Certain colors are also directed at specific types of shoppers. There is the teal or navy blue for shoppers on a budget and red for your unconscious, impulsive buyers. Green is another powerful color that relaxes the senses and induces the feeling of wealth. Did you think Groupon uses it by chance?

A good percentage of online shoppers consider price tags, shipping costs, discount offers, the flexibility of return policies, brand rep, varieties available and a few others. It also helps a great deal if your app is thoroughly optimized as it guarantees easy access by a massive audience.

Impressive website design and visuals are also very encouraging. What’s even better is when the shopping speed is incredible. Then, there is the possibility of shoppers having access to products reviews and ratings. They also get to have so many options at a cursory glance.

Another way you can appeal to your customers is by creating a mobile app. You might already have a website and a good offline store, but launching an app is taking a huge step further.

Your customers get to shop from the comfort of their own homes, so basically, the thought of going through the stress of getting up, dressing up, driving all the way out and standing in queues can as well be forgotten. Major problem solved, you are welcome.

Three ways mobile apps can help your business include

  1. Boosting Your Brand: Your company’s logo or slogan which appear on mobile screens get etched in the memory of viewers. This aids quick recollection and referral, whenever the need arises. It increases your company’s recognition and improves corporate branding and overall brand reputation.
  2. Improve Customer Service Experience: An app allows your customers to access products and services anytime they want, whether on the sea, land or air. This is particularly true when your app contains a feature through which they can reach you, 24/7 without having to go through helplines on your websites.
  3. Act as a Marketing Tool: Your mobile app can act as a great marketing tool. How? Well, you can easily integrate features which will help your shoppers connect to their various social media accounts. With a single tap, your app and customers’ shopping experience can be shared with friends and family, thereby granting you better exposure and publicity. This would, no doubt, lead to a broader customer base and subsequently, more income.

Well, there you have it. All you need to make your business into your dream best SEO company!

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