Marketing Monday Newsletter #4, Keywords for SEO

How To Research And Select Relevant Keywords

The Importance Of Keywords For SEO

Keywords are an essential part of the SEO system that helps Google understand where and to whom your pages must be served. Simply put, Google is a gigantic directory that uses its resources to deliver high-quality results or answers to searching users. As the success of the search engine depends on the quality of the content it provides, it uses a filtering algorithm to dictate which pages hold more or less value. In this way, the correct use of the key phrases within your content and page design ensures you have far more chance to rank above competitors within this directory system.


in place, you can have your pages displayed above competitors, establishing yourself as a leader in the industry to search users. Read on to find out more about these systems.

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User Focus

These key phrases are entirely user-focused. The results delivered are not necessarily dependent on what you want them to search for but rather on the exact terms, your audience tends to use when searching. With research and analysis of your competitor’s pages, you can find out more about your audience and the language they use to find your services.

When you know and better understand your audience, you can hone in on more beneficial streams of traffic and engagement. Every relevant word or phrase you can correctly implement into your web pages can help your business appear when users search specific terms.

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Understanding Importance

If your company sells car parts and you’d like to go after the DIY market, what are some things that a consumer in this segment would be looking for online?

Which keywords would they search?

Since you know your product better than most, you will be able to list product lines and styles of parts you offer that the user may be searching for directly, forming the basis for your targeted word list.

This list of potential phrases to use may include the years of manufactured parts, makes and models, or perhaps terms like “affordable car parts,” “quality car parts,” or “second-hand car parts,” leading potential customers to the products and services you offer.

Keywords play an essential role in the SEO system, ensuring the correct elements are present.

DIT Web Solutions, we are experts in this area. Call me today to get Keywords working for your business.

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