Marketing Monday Newsletter #10, Digital Marketing Reporting Systems

Importance Of Digital Marketing Reporting Systems

How Your Reporting Systems Determine Your Digital Marketing Strength

Think of it this way, throughout your educational career, you’re given a report card at the end of every semester as a cumulative assessment of your progress. This gauges your efforts, pinpointing the areas that need further development and attention. Without this necessary information, passing and moving on to the next grade would be extremely difficult.

By providing critical insight into how each aspect of your campaign is performing and where optimization is needed to reach your targets, digital marketing reporting systems work in the same way.


DIT Web Solutions has reporting platforms for all our clients, so you can view your progress in real-time and always have access to critical campaign analytics and statistics that influence your online performance and digital impact.

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Create Year-Over-Year Performance Reviews

At the end of the year, when your business takes some well-deserved time off, it’s important to reflect back on your achievements and struggles. However, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture of your accomplishments without consistent digital marketing performance reporting.

The goal for any business is continuous and sustainable growth, which means every digital marketing report should be compiled to answer critical questions, such as which months were the busiest, what pages of your website attracted the most attention, etc.

It is also beneficial for you to know which campaigns received the most interest, what time of year promotional ads performed the best, when you made the most sales, and what campaigns were running at that time.

These big picture trends should be observed and noted for your year ahead, so you know which areas of your marketing efforts need more attention and investment.


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Your Benchmark Relevance

Our Benchmark reporting refers to the initial SEO reports that show you where you started out just before the launch of your marketing campaign. These reports are used to compare your pre-campaign statistics with future performance reports once the campaign has been launched.

It can also sometimes include analysis reports of where your competitors are at in their campaigns at the same starting point. This can also give you a holistic review of your digital marketing performance against that of other brands in your industry.

These benchmarks help to:


  • Elevate your digital mindset with visual reports
  • Allocate digital spending based on analytic stats
  • Formulate your strategic objectives

This view of your brand health will help you prioritize digital investments according to your brand’s biggest digital marketing opportunities.

Ultimately, when your business leverages marketing benchmarks, you can effectively maximize the impact of your digital efforts.


At DIT Web Solutions, we provide detailed performance reports to help you make the best and most informed decisions for your business. Call me today to schedule a consultation and learn why we are right for you!

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