There are some companies and brands that exude power and IKEA is one of them! If I say to my wife, “Let’s go to IKEA,” she will stop whatever she is doing and be in the car before I can grab the car keys.

What an effect!

Personally, I love the price point of many of the items. Although I am not a fan of going home and assembling, I take a look at my savings and take my boxes home and build, build, build!

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I had a kitchen cabinet company in our boardroom yesterday and he’s doing the opposite: more custom, real solid wood. He told me that IKEA bases all of their models on the lightness of shipping so they can ship everywhere, or so the consumer can grab all the boxes with ease. With IKEA, the building materials are much lighter and therefore less costly and easy to transport. This is working for many of us who buy on a budget.

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My wife and I have bought dishes, duvets, and bookshelves, as well as hot dogs, ice cream and lingonberry jam – I love the cafeteria there. IKEA has become a family excursion and a great overall experience. Although I don’t always love the feeling of walking around in circles while shopping, it works here. It brings people in; the place is always packed. When I go to Greece, I smile as I see IKEA Athens, right there ready for me.

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And if you haven’t tried replacing cranberries with IKEA’s Lingonberry jam for your turkey dinner, try it. I was introduced to it years ago as a cranberry replacement and have never looked back.

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Another friend of mine came in with an IKEA shelving unit. These are a great example of the types of products that IKEA has become known for. Many of us need them, many of us have them!

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In past articles, I’ve talked about Amazon, easy to order, wide varieties for every price point and next-day delivery are all part of what makes Amazon unique. Costco has easy shopping and shipping, a good model overall, and we can buy enough mayo for 2 years! We happily pay a membership and save. IKEA’s portrayal of uniqueness allows us to save on furniture, enjoy a hot dog, then get up and go buy more.

As of March 2021, there are 422 IKEA stores operating in 50 countries.

I went to www.facebook.com/IKEACanada/  and found out that they have 31,886,149 followers there!

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Their Facebook page posted: “Join us on Saturday, October 22nd for an exclusive IKEA Family event.

IKEA Family Table Stories gathers stories featuring IKEA items that brought some of our members’ homes to life. Sign up for this family fun day with refreshments.”

Very nice, making it a family event!

Oftentimes buying is an emotional journey for some of us and IKEA has done a great job of creating around that fact.

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Business takeaways:
  • Create a great experience
  • Make it unique if you can
  • Make it family-oriented
  • You might want to have 1 or 2 lost leaders (a product sold at a loss to attract customers) to attract a volume of people
  • Promote all over the internet

DIT Web Solutions we can help you create that great experience, help make you unique, and promote you all over the internet!

Give me a call for a free consultation. Let’s work out what makes your business special.

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