How To Use Google Trends As An SEO Tool

How to Use Google Trends as an SEO Tool

Google Trends is a highly valuable data source that many businesses often ignore when considering marketing. This element is, in fact, an almost essential SEO tool that can be used to boost your strategy and increase visibility online. 

You can ensure growth over time when you have more resources to leverage your abilities and services. The trending data system ensures you can easily find what is being searched for and talked about online within certain areas or industries. Read on to learn more about how to utilize this source of information.


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Some uses of Google Trends
  • Finding popular topics for blog posts or articles
  • Find trending topics for social media
  • Find a good niche audience to market to 
  • Discover popular search terms in your industry
  • Research popular keywords for your SEO efforts
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Find Your Niche

To begin your experience within the Trends system, you need to have an outlined range of topics that you think align with your business. You can use your personal sales experience or hunches, list products or potential expansion ideas, all to gain insight into what is being spoken about online.

Go through each topic idea and analyze the results to see exactly how each track, gradually whittling down the list to a set of feasible and potential topics to focus on. You can adjust date ranges and other elements to see performance over time or the relevance of the data presented to you.


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Identify Relevant Keywords

Another valuable feature of Google Trends is related keywords that are a part of these trending topics. You can even find more relevant keywords based on your search terms than you might find in other research areas, as these will show you current location spikes and dips. They are listed in order of popularity, and their search volume increases.

Something to look out for within this system, which could mean future success, is a “breakout.” This means the keyword’s search volume increase exceeded 5,000%. Specialists consider breakout words crucial, as they haven’t become competitive yet, but are showing extremely high-value potential.


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New Product Categories

If you run a store specializing in golf wear and are ready to expand into other product ranges, this system can present ideas for similar products to offer. As you type “golf wear” in Google Trends, you’ll see data that reflects relevance.

Among the data, you will see elements that explain current habits, like how people who buy beach golf shirts might also be interested in specific shoes or even a particular sports drink brand. These insights could present a range of new product categories and ideas that you might be able to expand into.

This system is also ideal for testing your existing plans to see when your new products would best suit market trends.
Google Trends can be an ideal SEO tool, giving you valuable insight and strategy elements.

When you want to enhance your online presence, integrating this data into your strategy is a great place to start!



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