How To Turn Your On-line Product Idea Into Cashflow In 6 Months Or Less

DIT is a leading Canadian developer of customized web applications for browser and smart devices.

Getting Launched

A Strategy For Getting Your Digital Product On The Street In 6 Months* Or Less

DIT has helped hundreds of digital entrepreneurs plan, design, develop, test & launch innovative online products from websites to iOS/Android apps. It’s proven formula ensures that a minimum viable product is delivered on time and on budget. Here’s how:

There are four kinds of digital products out there:

1)      one that satisfies the needs of only its inventor;

2)      one that only a few buy into;

3)      one that many people buy into; and

4)      one that explodes into a market trend setter!

Assuming product number 4 is where you want to get to then there’s a tried and true path to get there and it all begins with creating a convincing argument that there’s a global pandemic going on and that your remedy is the shortest distance between endless suffering and instant relief for an entire nation.

To begin with, you must articulate a problem big enough to disrupt an entire marketplace’s momentum – causing it to stop, think and change its direction because it wants to.

Consider Tesla – you can buy a proven and reliable electric car for under $30k, these days. But, why are people willing to wait over two years for delivery of a car that will cost two to three times as much? The problem isn’t getting from point A to point B with the least impact on dear Mother Earth – it’s about getting there in style and claiming your significance in a developing story of discovery and exploration into the first autonomous car driving experience.

If you want your idea to become the next Tesla then you need an experienced guide to walk you through the product development process – from researching market need, critical features & functions to branding & growth hacking your way to market domination.

For that reason, DIT could be the partner that you need, right now, having launched hundreds of new ideas into the marketplace from iOS & Android apps that are reinventing entire industries to killer lead generation tools feeding construction, engineering and architectural firms all over North America.

Call DIT, today, @ (905) 209-9079 and ask for a free digital product starter kit.

This could be the day that your big idea begins its transformation into a lifetime of unlimited wealth for you and your family.

* the estimate of 6 months is provided as a general guideline. Longer periods may be required depending on the complexity of the final features list. There are no guarantees implied or expressed, herein, with respects to projected cashflow and/or profitability.

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