Marketing Monday Newsletter #16, How To Improve Domain Authority

How To Improve Domain Authority 

Domain authority is important in order to have a digital presence and helps you fully understand your place in your industry. When you understand this metric’s role, you can use it to your advantage and ensure you achieve a better score. 

Domain authority is a score that helps predict the ranking of a website on various search engines throughout the internet. A domain authority score can range from 1 to 100. Websites with higher scores will have more traffic and better rankings.

Scores below 40 rate poorly, while scores between 40 and 50 are considered average. Domain Authority between 50 and 60 are rated as good. Scores above 60 rate the Domain Authority as excellent.

While it is not directly tied to the Google ranking system, it can still be a brilliant indicator of certain events and patterns emerging. Read on to find out more about what you can do to gain this visibility.


Domain Ranking is based on the following factors:

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Work on Your Off-Page SEO

Your link profile is the most important metric of all. Websites with a strong, clean profile will have a higher domain authority score than websites with a not-so-good link profile. 

Improving your link profile is known as Off-Page SEO, which is related to techniques you can use to acquire good links that will eventually improve your rankings. This element requires you to have other external websites pointing and linking to your information.

You want those other websites to also have good Domain Ranking so as to improve your profile and not drag it down with a number of low-ranking, irrelevant websites linking to you.

The more people that provide links to your information on their sites, the more important your site becomes.


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On-Page SEO Optimization

The next step in improving domain authority is optimizing your page and content. Formatting your content is a way to increase your chances of ranking in Google’s featured snippets, which are short snippets of text that appear at the top of Google’s search results, aimed at quickly answering the searcher’s query. 

Example of a Snippet


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Quality is the biggest ranking factor for both on-page and off-page SEO. When you can implement high-quality content that drives user engagement, your site becomes a more relevant and valuable source of information. All of these factors garner an increased amount of authority online.


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Work on Your Technical SEO
Technical SEO is related to low-level SEO tasks; once you get your technical SEO correct from the beginning, you don’t have to deal with it again.
Some examples of technical SEO tasks include:
  • Fix broken internal and outbound links
  • Get rid of any duplicate or thin content
  • Ensure your site has an optimized sitemap
On the other hand, if the technical SEO aspect of your website is not correct, this can have a huge impact on your domain authority and ranking potential. When you put effort into optimizing your site in line with best practices, you have far more elements to serve your overall value. 
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Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

If you are not sure if your website is mobile-friendly, the best way to find out is to go to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and run the test for your domain. Next, Google will recommend how to make your website mobile-ready.

Presenting your content and services to more user devices makes your site a more manageable and efficient source to serve users. In addition, with a streamlined site, you gain ranking potential and enhance your domain authority.


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Improve Your Page Speed
One of the known ‘signals’ of the Google ranking algorithm is page speed. Websites that load faster have an additional advantage over slower websites. Therefore, improving your page speed will not only improve your rankings and domain authority, but it will also make the user experience better, which translates to more sales, leads, and signups.
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Domain authority can be improved in several ways, each needing specific professional skills to get right. When you utilize the right web agency, you can manage all these elements effectively without taking your eye off daily operations.

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