Hazel McCallion

Hazel McCallion

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Hazel McCallion (February 14, 1921 – January 29, 2023), the iconic former mayor of Mississauga, has been an inspirational figure for many Canadians over the past many decades. Since taking office in 1978, McCallion has been nothing short of remarkable in her leadership of Canada’s sixth-largest city. 

On behalf of Toronto’s


DIT Web Solutions, I would like to thoroughly commend and acknowledge this amazing woman for her lifetime of achievements, including her impressive 12 terms as the mayor of Mississauga!

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McCallion was born in 1921 in Port Daniel, Quebec, and moved to Toronto in the late 1940s. Her career in politics began in 1967 when she was elected as a school board trustee. She was then elected as a regional councillor for Peel Region in 1970, followed by her 36-year career as the mayor of Mississauga, which began in 1978. 

Here is her uplifting 1978 acceptance speech!!   https://youtu.be/OufLwFDJWx4 

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Hazel quickly made a name for herself as a savvy leader. She was instrumental in the annexation* of Mississauga from the Regional Municipality of Peel in 1974. Hazel also brought a number of major projects to the city, including the development of Square One Shopping Centre and the expansion of the Mississauga Civic Centre. 

*In government, Annexation is the process of bringing property into the City limits. It is one of the primary means by which cities grow. Cities annex territory to provide urbanizing areas with municipal services and to exercise regulatory authority necessary to protect public health and safety.

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Hazel also developed a reputation for being a staunch fiscal conservative. She cut taxes, reduced spending, and fought hard to keep taxes low. In fact, while she was in charge of Mississauga, the city was known for being the only solvent city.

She was also a strong advocate for public transit and is credited with the creation of the Mississauga Transitway, which created extended access to the city to Toronto.


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Hazel was also known for her passion and enthusiasm for her city. She was a tireless advocate for Mississauga, and her popularity among her constituents was evident.

She was re-elected twelve consecutive times, and served as mayor for an unprecedented 36 years, until her retirement in 2014.

Hazel McCallion has left an indelible mark on the city of Mississauga and on Canadian politics. She has been an inspiration for many and a source of pride for Canadians across the country.


Famous quotes from Hazel McCallion:

 “I could never toe the party line. I’d wear out the carpet crossing the floor.”

“I say it the way it is. I don’t play around. That has been my success, in my opinion, for Mississauga.”

“I’m not saying all seniors should be running a city or running a business, but I am saying seniors are good for a lot more than simply running a bath, baking cookies, or babysitting grandchildren.”

“The last thing the province needs is a minority government.”

Hazel McCallion ran a tight ship. She managed by statistics. She had excellent Public Relations and promotion for the city she ran.

We salute Hazel McCallion for her lifetime achievements in politics and all that she contributed to the great city of Mississauga. She will be sorely missed.

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Hazel McCallion

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