Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian Legend

I would like to acknowledge the lifetime achievements of Gordon Lightfoot.

Born in Orillia Ontario, Canada in 1938, this 83-year-old signer songwriter is a Canadian and worldwide icon. He is credited with helping to define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s and is often referred to as Canada’s greatest songwriter as well as being known internationally as a folk-rock legend.

Lightfoot’s biographer Nicholas Jennings said, “His name is synonymous with timeless songs about trains and shipwrecks, rivers and highways, lovers and loneliness. He is unquestionably Canada’s greatest songwriter.”

For me, “he’s poetry and storytelling in a song.”

And who doesn’t like a good story? Add an amazing, unique voice and a guitar and you have a short description of Gordon Lightfoot.

During the stress of the last few years, Gordon came on TV all by himself and played some of his greatest hits. He did this to help uplift everyone as an artist during times when we all needed it. What an extraordinary man!

Some of his songs include:

  • Early Morning Rain
  • Ribbon of Darkness
  • Black Day in July
  • If You Could Read My Mind
  • Sundown
  • Carefree Highway
  • Rainy Day People
  • The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald. Have you ever heard of this one? It’s a tearjerker! A WOW song. Who writes songs like this?

Several of Lightfoot’s albums achieved gold and multi-platinum status internationally. His songs have been recorded by artists such as: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., The Kingston Trio, Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jonny Mathis, Herb Alpert, Barbra Streisand, Harry Belafonte, Sarah McLachlan, Eric Clapton, John Mellencamp, Peter, Paul and Mary, Glen Campbell, The Grateful Dead, Nico, Olivia Newton-John, Gene Clark, Dan Fogelberg, Jimmy Buffet, and Jim Croce. The Guess Who recorded a song called “Lightfoot” on their 1968 album, Wheatfield Soul; the lyrics contain many Lightfoot song titles.

Robbie Robertson of “the Band” described Lightfoot as  “a national treasure.” Bob Dylan, also a Lightfoot fan, regarded him as one of his favorite songwriters. He said, “I can’t think of any Gordon Lightfoot song I don’t like. Every time I hear a song of his, it’s like I wish it would last forever….”

Every business has a story. You just need to tell it and promote it. I spoke to a dentist recently and while her son was telling her story, a slogan, not being utilized or promoted anywhere on their website, flushed out clear as day to me. I immediately told him to get that on the website. That’s part of her story!

What is your story? How did you get into your business? Is it a second or third generation business? People want that personal connection of your story. Tell it to them!

Then, aggressively promote it and that’s where we come in. Tell us your story and we will get it out there consistently and in volume. Call or email me for a free strategy
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As singing is part of my story and I love Gordon Lightfoot, I leave you with my cover of “If You Could Read My Mind.”

Thanks, Gordon for telling us amazing stories with your beautiful music. DIT Web Solutions acknowledges and gives you the DIT Lifetime Achievement Award every day!

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Louie Pateropoulos
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