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I have devised a new slogan that I feel is crucial for website owners:

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The 4 F’s:
Fix your website
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Ensuring your website is in top shape is crucial in today’s digital world. The 4 F’s—Fix your website, First, Foremost, and Fast—serve as a guiding light for website management.

It’s all about promptly addressing any issues, staying ahead of the competition, prioritizing your online presence, and ensuring swift performance.

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Think of it as maintaining your digital storefront: it needs to be inviting, efficient, and always ready to serve your customers. By sticking to the 4Fs, you’re not just maintaining a website; you’re fostering a positive brand image and enhancing user experience, both of which are essential for business success in the online game.

So, it’s crucial for website owners to prioritize fixing their website first and foremost.

By addressing any issues with their online presence fast, it not only creates a great user experience but also strengthens the chances of success in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Being fast is an important point here. It means making changes quickly to grab opportunities and avoid problems. So, the 4F’s are all about being proactive with your website, making it a top priority in your business plans to grow and connect with customers.

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In my business, the 4F’s are an important aspect of the first steps that we have put in place so that we are able to understand the key points of our clients and their business.

Some of the steps our team takes to get more familiar with your business includes reviewing your online properties for points such as:

  • Ensuring your website is well-coded and in optimal condition.
  • Reviewing all your online properties and campaigns for cohesiveness and effectiveness. 
  • An in-depth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis of your website.

These analysis reports provide a snapshot of programming errors, how fast your website loads, if your address listings are in compliance, SEO rankings, what is on Page 1, what isn’t, how your content is ranked, and much, much more.

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Your website might have an attractive design, but to Google, what matters most is not the appearance but rather the content and the underlying programming – what’s under the hood. Ensuring your website complies with Google is crucial, making these analysis points an excellent first step for virtually every business with an online presence. At DIT Web Solutions these scans are provided to you at no cost, so reach out to me and I will get them done for you!
Here’s a real-life example of a website we recently worked on. We conducted an SEO Analysis on the site that was built by someone else. This site had a staggering 210,000 errors.

Here is the summary of the issues found:  
  • 98 Critical Issues
  • 98 Pages with 4XX Errors
  • 3,267 Pages with Broken Internal Links 
  • 1 Page with Broken Internal Images

The company initially scored a meager 20 out of 100 with all of these errors. When I inquired about the website’s cost and timeline, I was quite concerned. Clearly, the website was ill-prepared for the challenges of the internet.

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I’m pleased to share that this website is now performing admirably, thanks to the professional team at DIT Web Solutions. They’ve rectified most of the major errors already, leading to increased traffic and a greater number of keywords ranking on Page 1.
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It’s unfortunately a common pitfall when opting for the “best-priced” website – it may look good on the surface, but under the hood, where Google’s attention lies, it often turns out to be a mess.
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The good news is that we can either build you a new website with without these errors, or, if you already have one, our experts can rectify any programming errors as part of your monthly SEO service.
Making sure your website developer knows how to optimize your site for search engines is key. The professionals at DIT Web Solutions are specifically trained with the right mix of development, marketing, search engine know-how, and excellent copywriting skills.

Now that you have successfully addressed the technical aspects by improving your website’s coding and excelling in SEO, the next challenge is converting site visitors into calls or form submissions. How do you do that?

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The next step on this journey is a Conversion Analysis. This report will show you where you are losing your site visitors.

Some companies charge thousands for this analysis. As we truly understand the importance and value of this to a business owner (afterall, we are business owners ourselves), we offer this service for only $647. 

Why the difference in the price? We do all of this in-house and with over 100 years of combined marketing experience to review your site with, we know exactly what we are looking at and can give you the straight-up facts. 

In a recent Conversion Analysis that we did for one of our clients, there were 5 pages of errors blocking conversions (aka leads) on their site!

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I have observed that a significant number of websites, despite their appealing design and compliance with Google standards, face challenges in achieving good conversion rates. Interestingly, many of these issues can be resolved with straightforward solutions. These issues will impede the flow of leads to your site on a daily basis.
Here are the steps to take to see how your website is performing:

  • Get a free SEO Analysis.
  • Get a free Website Analysis.
  • Sign up for the Conversion Analysis; it will be the best $647 you have ever spent on your business.
  • Fix the errors that came up in the Conversion Analysis.
  • SEO your website long term – never stop SEO; then you will be able to crush your competition.
  • Invest some of your marketing dollars on Google Ads. This will give you fast results and get leads to your site. We have a top Google Ads Specialist on our team who used to worked for Google and she knows all the tricks of the trade!

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So, to wrap things up, having a solid website is mission critical these days, but making sure it’s optimized for search engines is the real game-changer. It’s not just about looks—it’s about getting noticed, driving traffic, and turning visitors into customers. By focusing on both building a great site and making sure it’s search engine-friendly, businesses can really boost their online presence and reach the right people consistently.
Call me today for your free consultation
and take the next step toward your success!

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Louie Pateropoulos, Partner

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