Featured Company: Pizza Nova

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Pizza Nova required a tool that gave them visibility into their stores in real-time so they could better manage and improve quality assurance for their entire organization. This was previously done with paper and excel sheets.


DIT was hired to digitize their Store Audits – these are their quality control measures that determine if each store in their entire company is adhering to the Pizza Nova standards – and if not, they could quickly move to a resolution.

Our platform allows them to see each store, any quality control items requiring attention, sales, reports, call center information, and various other data points to measure their success.

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Pizza Nova

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DIT stands for Drive – Imagination – Technology.

Digital mediums such as the internet provide a massive communication platform that was not previously available to the world of promotion and advertising. Not since the invention of the printing press in 1450 and the telegraph around 1830, have we had such a revolutionary change in the advertising industry.

Companies that fully utilize the advantages of the world wide web are making strides at a faster and greater rate than any business of the past.

As leaders in the Digital Advertising industry, we dedicate our time and energy to developing creative and functional online properties.

Our purpose is to help businesses communicate their vision through digital means.

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Rob Ragusa
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Louie Pateropoulos

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