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Originally, Linbrook School came to us to build and host their website as well as to provide robust security, ensuring that all of the information was continuously protected.

Their site was custom designed with lots of pages and content. Content is King when is comes to internet searches and ranking. Quite a bit of customization was done for this site to make sure that it represented the quality and good reputation of their school.

Next, they wanted to increase their online presence significantly with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign in order to really get Linbrook School being visible and searched on the internet, which, in turn, generates new leads for their school.

Their SEO campaign is now rolling very well, generating a significant increase of visits going to their site every day.

Please visit their site at linbrook.ca.

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Linbrook School is currently running a 50 Keyword SEO campaign, as of May 2022. They have all their keywords currently ranking on Google, with 30 of those on page 1. Of their 30 keywords on Page 1, 12 of these are in the number 1 position of the search results. With regular content updates on their website, they are currently ranking for 257 organic keywords on Google, creating an increase to the number monthly organic website visits to their website.

They started the year with 630 website visits in January 2022 and as of May 2022, they have recorded a total of 1400 website visits. That is a well done campaign!

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About Us
Linbrook School is a happy place.

You can feel positive energy on campus. Boys are eagerly participating in the classroom. They are using technology to film and edit video, learn math, and create presentations. At recess, boys are playing sports, engaging in a game of chess and building Lego. You can hear music in the halls; boys are singing and playing instruments. There is colourful art on the walls that would make any parent proud.

Linbrook School is Oakville’s only independent day school for boys. Our diverse program applies teaching methods in an environment that embraces boys’ energy and individual learning styles. At Linbrook, we help our boys explore their interests, discover new talents, and form meaningful friendships they will treasure for a lifetime.

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Student Life
Going Beyond The Classroom

We recognize that every boy has his own special skills, whether it is as an athlete, musician, scientist, writer, performer or artist. 

This is why we offer a rich student life for Linbrook boys. They have the chance to be part of competitive sports teams, a dynamic intramurals program, diverse musical ensembles, leadership opportunities, a variety of extra-curricular clubs and programs, as well as whole school concerts, weekly assemblies and special event days. 

Linbrook teachers and several of our community partners regularly and enthusiastically provide these opportunities for our boys. We believe kindling spirits is as important as inspiring minds. All of our boys will have opportunities to shine at Linbrook.

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Website Design

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Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

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SSL Certificate

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DIT stands for Drive – Imagination – Technology.

Digital mediums such as the internet provide a massive communication platform that was not previously available to the world of promotion and advertising. Not since the invention of the printing press in 1450 and the telegraph around 1830, have we had such a revolutionary change in the advertising industry. 

Companies that fully utilize the advantages of the world wide web are making strides at a faster and greater rate than any business of the past.

As leaders in the Digital Advertising industry, we dedicate our time and energy to developing creative and functional online properties.

Our purpose is to help businesses communicate their vision through digital means.

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Rob Ragusa

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Louie Pateropoulos

Book your free Strategy Chat with Senior Partner,
Louie Pateropoulos.

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