Featured Client: DM Roofing

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DM Roofing came to us to re-design their website, establish an online presence and increase lead generation with SEO actions. They started out with a small internet presence and some traffic to their site, but it was not converting into volume leads or interest in their business. DM Roofing wanted to become the go-to Roofing company in the Kingston, Ganaoque and Brockville area.

There were no keywords ranking on Google or Bing – there was room for improvement! We took over the Organic Search and began optimizing their online platforms including Google My Business (GMB).

First the website was re-designed and launched successfully. Next, DM Roofing was set up with Local SEO and a GMB account set up and optimized. 10 KW’s were chosen to rank on the local platform.

GMB Searches immediately began occurring and within months DM Roofing was getting thousands of views on their page. The total conversions from GMB traffic went from zero to hundreds of conversions since starting. This past March 2021, DM Roofing had 216 Clicks and Calls through GMB.

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Please visit their website at https://dmroofing.ca/

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Kingston Roofing Services

Smart Buyer Guide – It’s Time to decide!
When it comes to roofing services in the Kingston area, are you just looking for price? Or do you want the best value for your roofing dollar?

If all you care about is price, then it is relatively easy to make a buying decision. The day after your roof is done, you will likely be happy that you chose the lowest price. But what about a year later or five years later? What happens when the first big rain storm or snowstorm hits and your discount roof suddenly develops some big problems? Now your discount roof won’t seem like such a bargain and you may wish that you followed the thinking that has prompted more than 6,000 individuals in Kingston and the surrounding areas to choose D.M. Roofing & Construction Services Inc. – the Kingston roofing contractor you can trust for quality roofing. Price was important, of course, but these 6,000+ happy customers also considered quality, reputation and value when making their roofing decision.


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Kingston Metal Roofing Installation

If you are in the process of upgrading or remodeling the exterior of your Kingston area home or business and are in the market for a new roof, consider investing in metal roofing. Metal roofs are built to last, providing superior protection to homes in Ontario while retaining a sense of beauty and appeal that cannot be accomplished with other roofing materials.

At D.M. Roofing & Construction Inc. our Kingston metal roofing comes in a variety of colours that are sure to suit your style. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful a new metal roof installed by our expert Kingston roofing contractor will look on your home or business, and you’ll enjoy many benefits by choosing metal roofing.

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Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) 

Created for SEO to arrive on
page 1 on Google.


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Website Re-design

Updated and professional image
maintained and projected.

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DIT stands for Drive – Imagination – Technology.

Digital mediums such as the internet provide a massive communication platform that was not previously available to the world of promotion and advertising. Not since the invention of the printing press in 1450 and the telegraph around 1830, have we had such a revolutionary change in the advertising industry.

Companies that fully utilize the advantages of the world wide web are making strides at a faster and greater rate than any business of the past.

As leaders in the Digital Advertising industry, we dedicate our time and energy to developing creative and functional online properties.

Our purpose is to help businesses communicate their vision through digital means.

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Rob Ragusa
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Louie Pateropoulos

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