Featured Company: Daza Roofing

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Daza Roofing came to us many years ago for a website and basic SEO actions. 

A proper business hosting package was added along with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, which, if you are asking people to input any type of sensitive information, ensures that information that is transmitted to and from your website is safe.

Daza Roofing also received separate online business security for its’ website, providing additional security and peace of mind that their website and their customers are protected. Although many providers don’t offer all 3 of these items, they are musts! 

The above has resulted in a stable, always up-to-date, website for them, one that is fully protected.

This past June, a time many companies report being slower, Daza Roofing had its’ highest-ever amount of traffic to their website!

The keys to SEO success that Daza Roofing followed are:

  • Find an experienced company that really knows all about SEO, ideally, one that has been at it for over 10 years.
  • Keep your SEO strategy progressing – stay consistent and keep it moving forward!

Their persistence has really paid off. Their website visits increased tremendously from the start of the year, as you will see below. Approximately 4X the amount of traffic was recorded at the peak, as compared to the same time last year.

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Additionally, at of the start of this year, they had only 5 of their 10 keywords ranking on Google, with no keywords on Page 1. Today, Daza Roofing has all their keywords ranking and 3 keywords are on the first 3 pages of Google!

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As a testament to the work they do, Daza Roofing has received 113 Google reviews, averaging an impressive 4.9/5 stars.

Visit their website at www.dazaroofing.com.

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If you are looking for roofing services in the Calgary area, then you have come to the right place. Daza Roofing is one of the premier roofing contractors in the Calgary area, and the one thing that makes us different than most roofing contractors, is that WE CARE!

Here at Daza Roofing, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing them with the highest quality service and the best craftsmanship available. Daza Roofing continues to hold an excellent reputation based on providing quality products and unsurpassed service.

Without a quality product backed by excellent customer service, a business will not realize great success. Therefore, we set our standards of quality, value, and customer service to the highest degree. We go the distance to ensure your experience with our Calgary roofing company is a pleasurable one.

In these tough economic times, we understand how important it is to get your money’s worth out of any project you take on. We have the perfect roofing solution for your home. Remember, we are here to help, and we are committed to serving you with prompt, valuable, and effective products and services. 

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Home and business owners sometimes fail to file insurance claims because they are not able to recognize the not-so-obvious signs of damage, which is often the case with wind or hail-damaged roofs.

Over time, the unseen damage continues to deteriorate your roof system and will be more expensive to fix and may not then be covered through your insurance. Fortunately, Daza Roofing offers a FREE roof inspection to ensure that your home or business has not been damaged by recent storms.

Daza Roofing believes in standing behind our work. In addition to the manufactures guarantee, we also offer a 5-year warranty on labour. We employ experienced employees who are highly regarded in the roofing industry for their expertise and attention to detail. We recognize that nothing but 100% is acceptable and we strive to achieve that.

Call today to schedule a storm damage inspection.

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Website Design

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SSL  Certificate

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Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Web Development

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Custom Solutions

Web Marketing

  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Branding & Design

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DIT = Drive – Imagination – Technology

At DIT Web Solutions, we are interested in how to get through to people’s minds, how to position a product or service, and break through the noise.  The whole purpose of the internet and all this technology is to get your communication across.

You need to think differently to get different results. We wanted to create a company that delivered web solutions that excited people – that captured their imagination and allowed them to think bigger than they ever thought possible about their products, their business, and even themselves.

To do that we’ve created a team of incredible thinkers and doers – people who live beyond what’s possible, right now.  

Let us know more about your story and your marketing challenges today.

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Louie Pateropoulos

Book your free Strategy Chat with Senior Partner,
Louie Pateropoulos.

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