Featured Company: Bajic Dentures

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Bajic Denture Clinic came to us to switch their business hosting to a more stable, faster and safer environment. Additionally, we added an SSL Certificate to encrypt all their information and put a secure lock beside their domain. Also, and very important, we added proper security on their website which includes doing updates, back-ups, and regular malware checks.

Bajic Denture Clinic also came to us a for a new website some years ago and we feel it is one of the best Denture sites in Canada!

Yes we are biased, but look for yourself:  www.bajicdentures.ca

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Dental Implants

Your teeth are actually very important to your overall health because of the role that they play in biting and chewing food. Good teeth structure and function will allow you to enjoy a wide-ranging and well-balanced diet, thereby providing the scope of nutrition needed for a healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately for many people, their diets can become quite restricted, perhaps initially due to the condition of their natural teeth and/or as a subsequent result of dentures that are ill-fitting or timeworn.  By investing in dental implants, denture wearers can once again enjoy the types of foods that they want and like to eat rather than being forced to settle for an inadequate or restrictive range of dietary options.

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Making Precision Dentures

Precision dentures are manufactured using the highest quality materials in conjunction with the latest advancements in technology.  They provide a look, fit, and function that resemble and are analogous to natural teeth.

The manufacturing process for precision dentures is rather extensive and involves a number of appointments to obtain the measurements, impressions, and fittings needed to produce the look and function of natural teeth.

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Website Design

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Secured Hosting
& Support 

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SSL Certificate

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DIT stands for Drive – Imagination – Technology.

Digital mediums such as the internet provide a massive communication platform that was not previously available to the world of promotion and advertising. Not since the invention of the printing press in 1450 and the telegraph around 1830, have we had such a revolutionary change in the advertising industry. 

Companies that fully utilize the advantages of the world wide web are making strides at a faster and greater rate than any business of the past.

As leaders in the Digital Advertising industry, we dedicate our time and energy to developing creative and functional online properties.

Our purpose is to help businesses communicate their vision through digital means.

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Rob Ragusa

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Louie Pateropoulos

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