Featured Client: Oasis Naturals

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Welcome to the exciting world of digital collaborations! Oasis Naturals, an online advocate for natural products, has recently embarked on an inspiring journey by partnering with DIT Web Solutions. This strategic move reflects Oasis Naturals‘ commitment to enhancing the security of their online presence and providing a secure portal for their customers.

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At Oasis Naturals, their mission is simple: to offer you top-notch supplements, vitamins, health foods, and personal care products that are Certified Organic, Raw, and Vegan. That means saying no to GMOs*, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, and other synthetic additives. We’re all about keeping it clean and natural for your health and well-being.

*Genetically Modified Organisms are living organisms whose genetic material has been altered in a way that doesn’t occur naturally.

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Oasis Naturals understood the critical importance of security in the online realm. The aim was for their web store to offer a secure shopping experience, assisting their customers to shop with confidence, knowing their information was fully protected. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work delivering precisely that: robust security that effectively safeguards their customers’ information.
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At Oasis Naturals, they weren’t just searching for a digital bodyguard either. They wanted a tech-savvy partner who could lead them through the cyber landscape. That’s where we jumped in as their digital sidekick, ready to tackle any tech challenges head-on. Whether it was smoothing out those pesky payment wrinkles, sorting through shipping snags, or beefing up their cyber fortress with the latest security tricks, Oasis Naturals knew they could rely on us. With our team on their side, they could focus on what they do best – providing support for their customers’ well-being.
In the end, Oasis Naturals wasn’t just after a quick-fix solution – they wanted a partner they could trust in the wilds of cyberspace. With determination and some clever teamwork, we have turned their digital set-up into a safe and bustling hub. Now, they are ready for the next step in their digital journey!

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Services being provided:

*SSL = Secure Sockets Layer, technology for encrypting information between a website and a browser

Visit Oasis Naturals today to source the natural health products you are looking for at www.oasisnaturals.ca.

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We are not just another online store that is reselling the latest trends. Our goal is to provide the best supplements, vitamins, health foods and personal care products that are Certified Organic, Raw and Vegan. Which means no GMO, no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours, no soy, no dairy, no eggs, no titanium dioxide, no magnesium stearate no acesulfame k just to name a few.

We pride ourself on sourcing the most ethical and sustainably manufactured products in the health

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The benefits of buying Organic Foods and Supplements:

When buying organic foods, you are not only investing in your health, but you are also supporting sustainable, environmentally friendly practices and animal welfare. There are a number of benefits to choosing organic: . Know that your products have been grown and handled according to strict procedures and without persistent toxic chemical inputs.

  • Organic products are made without the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), artificial colours, preservatives and sweetneners.
  • Organic products and supplements protect and improve the environment and animal health. Organic farming helps to maintain a clean water supply, soil health, and fertility.
  • Organic farming reduce the carbon footprint and fight climate change (organic farming can use 30-50% less energy).

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DIT = Drive – Imagination – Technology

At DIT Web Solutions, we are interested in how to get through to people’s minds, how to position a product or service, and break through the noise.  The whole purpose of the internet and all this technology is to get your communication across.

You need to think differently to get different results. We wanted to create a company that delivered web solutions that excited people – that captured their imagination and allowed them to think bigger than they ever thought possible about their products, their business, and even themselves.

To do that we’ve created a team of incredible thinkers and doers – people who live beyond what’s possible, right now.

Let us know more about your story and your marketing challenges today.


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Louie Pateropoulos

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