Featured Client: Central Park Paving

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In an urban environment adorned with lush landscapes, Central Park Paving was looking for inspiration to elevate their online presence. Deciding to partner with DIT Web Solutions, Central Park Paving kicked off the project to increase their digital know-how and expand their online visibility.

Central Park Paving, a hard-working team known for transforming dull spaces and rough roads into beautiful driveways and smooth roadways, understood that they needed more than just bricks and asphalt to connect with people. Aware of the changing ways people communicate online, they asked for our help to smoothly navigate the digital world and boost their skills and visibility on the internet.

And what’s a digital journey without the added advantage of Google Ads? Central Park Paving’s monthly Google Ads campaign is grabbing attention on the internet. 

This partnership is helping Central Park Paving to transform their dreams into digital realities, click by well-paved click.

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Central Park Paving’s website transitioned to a new domain with remarkable speed. Also added to the mix was hosting, maintenance, and security to name a few, seamlessly integrated to instill in Central Park Paving a solid sense of security.

Central Park Paving also integrated traditional marketing services into their strategy. This commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulously designed business cards, an expression of their dedication to bringing clients’ dreams of well-paved landscapes and beautiful roadways to life.

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Central Park Paving is also your go-to authority for subdivision, municipality, or industrial complex roadwork! With decades of paving prowess under their belt, they stand out as Durham Region’s top pick for roadwork that seamlessly combines attractiveness, durability, and functionality.

Your roadwork becomes a masterpiece designed for optimal traffic flow, impeccable water drainage, stunning aesthetics, and enduring quality. Choose Central Park Paving, and rest assured that your project will not just be completed but will be perfected!

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The services being provided are:

  • Website Design
  • Business Hosting
  • Domain Hosting
  • Business Security
  • SSL* Certificate
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads
*SSL = Secure Sockets Layer, technology for encrypting information between a website and a browser

Discover top-notch paving solutions by exploring Central Park Paving’s expertise on centralparkpaving.com.

Raise your standards and choose excellence let’s pave the way together with Central Park Paving!

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The Durham Region’s Most Trusted Provider of Quality Paving Services for Over 40 Years
Are you looking for a reliable paving company for a project in the Durham Region? If so, Central Park Paving & Construction LTD is the leading industry expert in residential and commercial paving services.
From small residential driveways to multi-acre parking lots and everything in between, Central Park Paving’s knowledgeable construction crew, state of the art equipment, and industrial grade paving materials allow us to satisfy your project needs no matter how large or small.
If you would like an on-site estimate from an experienced paving company, call us to get a quote today. You will find that we offer a lot of value for the high-quality workmanship and materials we provide.

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Why Choose Us?

Central Park Paving is a leading paving company in the Durham Region because of our decades of experience in providing quality services. We are a family owned company that is rooted in the communities we serve throughout the Southern Ontario area. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau to ensure excellent client relations.

We at Central Park Paving stand behind our quality workmanship and reliable service because we know you expect premium results. Our paving company invests in the latest industrial paving equipment to ensure the best possible paving results for your project. Our workmanship and the materials we use are guaranteed for one to two years depending on the job to ensure you have the type of quality results you need.

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DIT = Drive – Imagination – Technology

At DIT Web Solutions, we are interested in how to get through to people’s minds, how to position a product or service, and break through the noise.  The whole purpose of the internet and all this technology is to get your communication across.

You need to think differently to get different results. We wanted to create a company that delivered web solutions that excited people – that captured their imagination and allowed them to think bigger than they ever thought possible about their products, their business, and even themselves.

To do that we’ve created a team of incredible thinkers and doers – people who live beyond what’s possible, right now.

Let us know more about your story and your marketing challenges today.


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Louie Pateropoulos

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