Featured Client: Affordable Kitchens

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Affordable Kitchens came to us to create a new yet detailed website. The website needed to provide their unique information showcasing kitchen remodeling and cabinet installation. It needed to be clear and offer a compelling reason to purchase cabinets from them.

The new website featured kitchen remodelling and cabinet installation. Beautiful photographs were used to feature Before and stunning After images of newly remodeled kitchens and cabinets. 

Secondly, their website needed to be promoted and known throughout the GTA. We started a basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign that has since gotten Affordable Kitchens known all over the GTA resulting in a high volume of traffic going to their website.

Next, our team added a Google Ads campaign for immediate leads. From there, daily Social Media postings were added.

Then, to really hit it from all angles, we added a weekly lawn sign distribution campaign so that everyone walking and driving past the signs would think, “Affordable Kitchens.” A brilliant branding action.

Add this all up and they have cornered their online and outdoor market! 

Finally, website hosting was added, an *SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate was installed as well as additional Security for website peace of mind.

The website, it’s upgraded gallery images plus all of the online marketing actions named above and the weekly lawn sign distribution campaign combine to make Affordable Kitchens the go-to company for your next kitchen remodel!

We would like to give a special shout out to the new owner, Mathew Sukraj. Send him a hello and congratulations as the new owner of Affordable Kitchens at info@affordablekitchens.ca.

Visit their website here: www.affordablekitchens.ca.

*SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems. It does this by making sure that any data transferred between users and sites, or between two systems remain impossible to read. It uses encryption to scramble data, preventing hackers from reading it as it is sent over the internet.

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Affordable Kitchens has on an average of 1400 monthly organic visits on their website. At their peak, they had over 2100 site visitors in one month!

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Affordable Kitchens has over 312 organic keywords ranking on Google.

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Toronto Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, Affordable Kitchens is your source for the highest quality white cabinets at unbeatable prices. Have a tight budget and need affordable cabinets? Our white kitchen cabinets are always “on special” because they are at least 50% off usual box store prices.

Our Toronto kitchen cabinets are perfect for homeowners looking into kitchen remodeling projects because our cabinets are:

  • Half Price that of Big Box Stores
  • Available Immediately
  • Stronger & Better Constructed
  • Full flexibility to fit any kitchen size or layout, with 157 different cabinet sizes
  • Locally Made

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Toronto Cabinets for Commercial Contractors

Affordable Kitchens offers full service to commercial contractors in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas of Ontario. Even compared to so-called “discount cabinets” found at big box stores, our commercial cabinets are always on specials, typically being half price that of our competitors. So if you are looking for an affordable option for your cabinetry needs, Affordable Kitchens is your source for Toronto cabinets.

Our Toronto kitchen cabinets company offers commercial contractors truly unbeatable prices for the quality of cabinetry we supply. Our cabinets come in over 157 sizes with many cabinet door styles and profiles available. We specialize in white kitchen cabinets with raised-panel doors, but we also supply bathroom cabinetry, storage cabinets, wall cabinets, and cabinet hardware. Our cabinets are locally made, too, meaning spare parts are easily available if required.

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Website Design 

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Search Engine Optimization

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SSL Certificate

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Google Ads

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DIT stands for Drive – Imagination – Technology.

Digital mediums such as the internet provide a massive communication platform that was not previously available to the world of promotion and advertising. Not since the invention of the printing press in 1450 and the telegraph around 1830, have we had such a revolutionary change in the advertising industry. 

Companies that fully utilize the advantages of the world wide web are making strides at a faster and greater rate than any business of the past.

As leaders in the Digital Advertising industry, we dedicate our time and energy to developing creative and functional online properties.

Our purpose is to help businesses communicate their vision through digital means.

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Rob Ragusa

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Louie Pateropoulos

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