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Elton John – Rocket Man!

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Sir Elton Hercules John, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, was born on March 25, 1947. I think the first song I heard from Elton John was played on my brother’s 8-track, in the late 70’s, in one of his cars. Despite probably being 9 years old, I can easily recall enjoying the music. The song of the day was “Bennie and The Jets.”

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Let’s face it, you have to be determined and strong to survive in this world, and Elton John has shown us how YOU CAN SURVIVE and SUCCEED, despite all obstacles. His accomplishments, amazing songs, and decades of entertainment have been written about by many and will continue to be, well into the future.
I wanted to take this moment, on behalf of
DIT Web Solutions, to thank Elton John for all he has done and will continue to do.

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Elton has received five Grammy Awards, five Brit Awards, including “Outstanding Contribution to Music,” two Academy Awards, two Golden Globes, a Tony Award, a Laurence Olivier Award, a Disney Legends Award, and the Kennedy Center Honor. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him 49th on its’ list of top 100 influential musicians of the Rock and Roll Era. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1992, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, and is a fellow of The Ivor’s Academy. In 1998, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to music and charities.

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His major key to success, which has been well documented, is his partnering with lyricist, Bernie Taupin, in 1967. Two powerful people are always better than one! When these two get together, MAGIC occurs!

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Speaking of magic, after Princess Diana’s passing, a majorly sad time felt worldwide, Bernie re-wrote “Candle in the Wind,” and the tribute single version sold over 33 million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling chart single of all time!

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I mean, when they create something together, it’s a hit!
Just look at The Lion King’s “Circle of Life,” a major hit for this great movie. Great songs in movies take the movie’s success to new levels.

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Elton is now in progress on his “Farewell Tour.” He will be missed! In addition to acknowledging him in my own small way, there are some really successful actions we can all take from Elton John’s career, and apply to our businesses.

Whether you like him and his music or not, his statistics are incredible and we would be remiss to not look closely at some of these key points.

  • Partner with someone where your energy and creativity become magic upon collaboration just like Elton did.
  • Don’t give up despite the obstacles! Get help, get out of it, and keep creating! Come back stronger than ever!
  • Become an expert at something. Elton is first and foremost an accomplished pianist, then singer, in my opinion. He knows that instrument inside out and backwards!
  • KEEP PROMOTING YOURSELF – ALL THE TIME. All of the successful artists and companies we’ve been writing about are consistently out there promoting their work, songs, and products.
When you partner with the DIT Web Solutions team, the combined creativity will be unstoppable! We’ll promote you like never before with Search Marketing, Google Ads, and Social Media. Whatever you need, we are here to help you!

Call me today. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!

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