Doubling Salesperson Productivity In 30 Days Or Less

In the world of salespeople, there are those who can; those that could with a bit of help; and those that shouldn’t.

Those who can have the initiative, drive and enthusiasm to wake up each and every day with a plan to hit their numbers may need little from management in terms of coaching or inspiration. But, they always need better tools for converting prospects into order makers while reducing or eliminating non-relationship-specific activities, such as expense management, solution research and estimations.

Beside being a sales driven company, ourselves, DIT has worked with some of Canada’s leading sales and marketing organizations and we’ve learned a few things about keeping salespeople productive:

  1. Great salespeople never stop thinking, planning and identifying target opportunities – they need access to the best information about products, services, inventory and pricing 24-7 from home, the office, their car and restaurants accessible on smart phones, tablets and desktop computers;
  2. Administrative distractions and interruptions limit salespeople’s ability to prioritize face-to-face time with clients and prospects – they should be able to capture expense information and associate it with a cost centre when it happens and then forget about it;
  3. Layers of corporate security, firewalls and privileges are all necessary evils – but when salespeople can’t get decision-critical information when the prospect is hot to place an order then it may be time to re-think the “how” and “why”.

DIT has developed mission-critical sales applications for all types of business – from mom & pop basement operations to multi-national conglomerates.

If your salespeople are asking for better sales tools, or are frustrated with time-consuming administration processes, then call DIT first, for sound advise and expert, experienced opinions.

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