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Partnering With DIT Minimizes The Risks
Associated With Increasing Your Practice’s
Web & Social Media Footprints

DIT works with healthcare practitioners across Canada. And, what it’s learned is that there is no shortage of capable people in your local communities that can help keep your practice’s website current while delivering compelling content into your social media channels on a daily or weekly basis.

The challenge is keeping them informed and educated in the ever-changing algorithms that search engines use to keep your website and social media front of mind.

For example, Google is now penalizing sites for not having enough “live content” in the “fold”. If digital marketers are unaware of such changes then your marketing dollar could be helping your competition to increase their active patient lists.  And, if your cached search engine content is out of date, then a single broken link could send your current patients seeking answers from another practitioner ranking just a few milometers above or below your page listing. Are your 301 redirects up to date?

Another area of knowledge that you need to invest in if you choose to have staff manage your own online presence is website and account security. It’s very trendy, these days, to add FREE code-based features (often referred to as “plugins”) that increase the engagement factor of your website.  If this is the path that works best for you then it’s critical that your staff verify the source of these tools to ensure that they’re not inadvertently inviting hackers in through the back door that take over your website and turn it into a robot capable of sending out thousands of spam emails an hour.

To help Canadian healthcare practitioners increase their online presence while minimizing the risks associated with self-managed programs, DIT has developed healthcare-oriented support programs that can deliver updates to your website and regular social media posts at a fraction of the operating and opportunity costs associated with employing full-time or part-time digital marketing and website management staff.

DIT’s digital marketing and design experts are ready to discuss your needs and develop a customized service program to fit your budget.  Call DIT today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

DIT Has A Practical Understanding
Of Your Unique Business Needs

Professional Colleges & Associations
Dental Practices | Chiropodists | Chiropractors
Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Clinics
Plastic Surgeons & Elective Surgeries
Veterinarians & Animal Hospitals
Mobile Dental & Medical Care Service
Addiction Rehab Clinics | Naturopathic Clinics

Yes! We Can Offer You Testimonials
And Professional References

Delivering Results That Can Be Measured

Rank High On Google

DIT’s proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs keep our doctors and dentists at the top of search results

Dominate Social Media

DIT keeps your conversation going with daily and/or weekly posts and articles on forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Twitter

Inspire Repeat Business

DIT’s automated email marketing programs reminds your patients of the value of your expert preventative procedures

Protection From Hackers

DIT protects your website from unwanted downtime with state-of-the-art intruder detection systems and regular backups.

Providing Expert, World-class Services

  • Connector.

    Website Design & Updates

  • Connector.

    Online Stores

  • Connector.

    Secure Hosting

  • Connector.

    Website Backups & Maintenance

  • Connector.

    Training & Documentation

  • Connector.

    Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads

  • Connector.

    Social Media Posts

  • Connector.

    E-mail Marketing

  • Connector.

    Original Blog Posts

  • Connector.

    Member/Patient Community Portals

  • Connector.

    Member/Patient Surveys & Market Research

  • Connector.

    Learning Management Systems

  • Connector.

    Mobile App Development

  • Connector.

    Custom Software Development

DIT’s digital marketing and design team can help your practice increase new traffic while keeping patients informed and motivated to refer their friends and family.


Ask For Lorne Feldman
DIT’s Healthcare Solutions Expert

Lorne has been assisting healthcare practitioners for over 20 years, now,
offering expert advice and recommendations in expanding services
and growing their patient base.

Call Lorne Direct @ (647) 449-6801 for a FREE consultation.


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