Betty White

DIT Web Solutions would like to acknowledge the lifetime achievement of entertainer, actress and comedian, Betty White.

Betty White was born in Oak Park, Illinois Jan 17, 1922. She was an American actress and comedian whose career spanned 7 decades!

From a promotion and marketing perspective, here is yet another example of someone that always stayed active in the public eye. Who didn’t know or see Betty White in something?

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From The Marie Tyler Moore series to Golden Girls to even Boston Legal episodes, she’s touched everyone, everywhere.

Here is a short clip of the 7 Reasons Betty White was the FUNNIEST guest to interview: 

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Some things you may not have known about Betty White:

  1. Her first work in Hollywood was for a Parkay Margarine commercial.
  2. She has never had any acting lessons!
  3. She originally wanted to be an opera singer.
  4. She loved animals and had aspirations to be a Park Ranger or Zookeeper at one point.
  5. Check this out: she once performed 52 live advertisements in one day!

Here is a list of some of the companies that have been around for at least 100 years:

  1. UPS since 1775
  2. Coca Cola since 1892
  3. Boeing since 1916
  4. Harley-Davidson since 1903
  5. Kraft Foods since 1903
  6. Kellogg’s since 1900

If you’ve been following our most recent articles, celebrities that have long and successful careers are continuously in the public eye promoting themselves. They are always attracting attention whether it’s an interview, a movie, a quote, and so on.

The same continual promotion applies to a business. You have your brand, you have your product and services, but how well you get them out there consistently in the public eye and attract attention will determine the longevity and success of your brand.

The above-named companies are well known and could take the gas off promotions if they wanted to, but do they? No, they don’t. They are always promoting and always in the public eye. Promotion means to keep it going, keep it turned on.

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In today’s digital world that means:

  • Daily Social Media Posts
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook/ Instagram Ads
  • Online Newsletter Marketing

Here’s to Betty White. May we all achieve the same great success with our brands!

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Louie Pateropoulos

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