For web design in Toronto, you'd be hard-pressed to find an agency that provides a better service at a more affordable rate. In terms of quality and price, we feel that DIT Digital Marketing provides the best bang for your web design buck. Plus, our services are highly customizable, meaning, in part, that we can give you a service that meets your needs and compliments your budget.

Best Web Design in Toronto

Despite popular misconception, web design is all about user experience, and user experience comes down to a few key points:

1. Is the website easy to use?
2. Is the content easy to read?
3. Is the website attractive?

In the majority of instances, no website visitor is going to spend more than a few seconds trying to figure out where to click, what to do, or how to find the information that they are looking for. Excellent web design takes this visitor behavior into consideration and does the work for the visitor. Something as simple as selecting the right color palette can make a world of difference in this regard!

The Best Web Design in Toronto Uses Colors to Make the User Experience Better

Choosing colors for your website design isn't about picking the colors you love; it's a scientific process! There is psychology behind all colors, and you should use the color palette that helps you achieve your goals to this end. Further, your color palette should be chromatic, meaning that the colors complement one another. Making your website easy to use and easy to read has a lot to do with the colors you choose and how you use them.

Imagine choosing pink for your body text, purple for your headline tags, yellow for the website's background color, green for your buttons and links, brown for your title and subtitle, and blue for your header and footer. The colors would overwhelm your visitors and take away from the content and your call to action, serving more as a distraction than anything else.

Minimizing the colors that you use, along with making sure the colors are chromatic and using them correctly, can make your website easy to use, easy to read, and very attractive. If you don't have the skill or the knowledge to do this yourself, it's best left to a professional!

Typography Will Make or Break Your Web Design

The best web design in Toronto uses good typography. DIT Digital Marketing recommends limiting your fonts to one or two for your website. Here are some typography tips that we use when performing web design in Toronto:

1. Always a use a font size between 15 and 25 pixels for body text
2. Use a font size between 30 and 50 pixels for headline text
3. Use line spacing between 120 and 150%
4. 45 to 90 characters per line is optimal for readability
5. Use good-looking fonts.

Some of our favorite fonts include Open Sans, Lato, Raleway, PT Sans, and Monsterrat.

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