5 Things SEO Consulting Services Want You to Know

If you’ve ever seen your competitors in search results instead of your own listing – it’s probably because they have a dedicated in-house SEO team or have contracted professional SEO consulting services.

SEO consultation encompasses a broad host of services from keyword research and data analysis to organic digital marketing strategies tailored to suit your business.

At the start of consultancy, a bit of education needs to take place to bring you up to speed with the nuances of SEO and overcome some of the ideas of what SEO is.

Below we will explore the top 5 things your SEO consultant wants you to know.

1: Search Engine Optimization Is Not Free

While you may not have to pay advertising fees for organic search performance, that doesn’t mean search engine optimization is entirely cost-free. Whoever you contract to handle your SEO – expect that there will be a cost involved. Your SEO strategy will require specific skills: content creation, link acquisition and technical optimization. All of which require time and experience to execute effectively.

2: Effective SEO is Not Only About Rankings

Before investing in SEO consultation, you need to understand that it isn’t only about rankings. The reality is that SEO is only one of many tactics used to drive prospective customers to your website. Ranking high is great, but it means nothing if your website is not fully optimized to convert traffic into sales, analyze data, and track progress. Your rankings will drop very quickly without the complete package.

3: Content Should Be Optimized For Customers and Not Only for Search Engines

Some SEO copy is full of formulaic language and awkwardly placed keywords that don’t offer much value to a visitor. It’s easy to generate content surrounding your selected keywords with the aim of ranking high, but if it’s not actually useful to your audience or engaging – you’ll have people leaving your site, this can hurt your brand’s reputation, and it sits as a wasted opportunity to turn website visitors into customers.

An SEO service needs the skills to create SEO content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers, which is also search engine optimized.

4: Websites Should Be Built on a Foundation of Data and Keyword Research

A website needs to be a customer-centric destination that works around the clock to attract new business. For that, it needs to be designed on an architecture of information, have structured URLs, strategically organized content, all built on a foundation of keyword research and analysis.

Remember a website should:

  • Be easy to read.
  • Include relevant internal links and offers.
  • Feature multimedia content.

5: Organic SEO Grows Slowly But Goes a Long Way

Unlike paid searches and Ads, which perform instantly, organic SEO takes time before reaching its maximum potential. Invest time and effort into developing and executing a link-building strategy that earns trust and doesn’t take shortcuts.

Quality link building takes time, but once your SEO program gains momentum, it will deliver a rewarding performance.  Best practices can include regular changes being made to your website and monitoring your competitors performance.

In a post-pandemic digital landscape, Search Engine Optimization is vital to stay ahead of competitors. With a notable increase in online traffic, SEO and a combination of website analysis and optimization, competitor analysis, skilled copywriting, and quality link building will help to ensure your business stands out and gets consistent traffic.

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