In the latest feedback from our manufacturer's clients we discovered genuine concerns regarding the loss of increasing amounts of business to overseas or North American competitors as well as insufficient time to dedicate to their website, digital marketing, and social media efforts. In addition, we have found with the numerous Google updates over the past few years, many sites are lacking important updates and not fully secure, resulting in unanticipated penalties.

With the ever-changing market-place, variations in demographics, and conversions among your company's audiences, acquiring new distributors or enticing former distributors to return is a market research problem easily resolved.

Prospect Surveys offer the tools needed to persuade distributors to purchase more products from your company while Loyalty Surveys will allow you to understand why your existing clients have remained loyal throughout the years. Both provide valuable information from which we can discover The Hot Button -in other words, the highest percentage answer to a survey question. You might be surprised to learn the Hot Button typically isn't the " cheapest price" otherwise millions of ice cream lovers wouldn't be paying $7.99 for a tiny tub of Haagen-Dazs.

Once your company's Hot Button is ascertained, we conduct Positioning Surveys with the goal of uncovering how you relate the familiar with the unfamiliar opening the door to very powerful technology. Just ask Avis Rental Car, where they increased their market share from 11 percent to 35 percent in four years with " We Are No.2, We Try Harder."

Once these surveys are completed, we can help your business develop The Ultimate Website, featuring digital marketing to capture your target audiences and, social media to leverage your brand, with absolutely no guesswork!

Simultaneously, we create the most required internal App you need to improve efficiency and reduce waste in your business.

Lastly, to ensure everyone in your organization is trained properly, we provide Brainboost - our LIMS (learning management system) software - ready to go with a 30-day Free Trial.


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