Tina Turner

Tina Turner, Simply The Best

 Everyone loved Tina Turner! She was simply the best!

Her story to me is about intention, persisting on a goal, fighting, branding and ultimately putting out a great product, which in her case was her music.

She also had to fight for her name and brand, Tina Turner. In a boxing analogy, I see her as someone that had to battle those first 6 rounds and then she ultimately won the fight in a unanimous decision.

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Growing up in the 80’s, Tina was a regular part of my life. The 80’s music, which is still being played on the radio in 2023, was a time period filled with great bands and artists.

When I went to a school dance, it was like having 30 artists in the same room, all with amazing hits. Artists like Pat Benatar, Blondie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, just to name a few.

But then there was Tina Turner with her amazing songs and brand that was like no other.


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Who else had those dances, that voice, those legs and let’s add that amazing hair! I would love to have some of those hair genes!

There was a look, a sound, a consistent brand, different from the rest of the artists.

This is no different from a business at all, by the way. The same principles are going to apply to promoting and expanding your company.


Tina was the underdog when she split off from her ex-husband and went out on her own.  A black, female singer going it alone in that time period was an underdog and I’ve noticed we, as a society, love and cheer the underdog.  Her life is an amazing true story, and people wanted her to succeed!

DIT Web Solutions would like to acknowledge, thank, bow to, do the wave for and send a never-ending stream of admiration to Tina Turner, Simply The Best!

There are some takeaways here you can apply to your business right away.

  1. Brand your company; choose what you want your company to be known for, E.g., Amazon = online shopping, Apple = sleek, simple computers, The Home Depot = DIY and Construction materials, etc.
  2. Have a story; if there is an underdog story in your history then promote it.
  3. Have MANY mediums to promote your business; social media, radio, print media, etc.
  4. Don’t be conservative about making yourself known and don’t ever stop promoting and branding yourself.

New companies are always being created. With a good online campaign, they can start taking some clients and market share away from you. This means you can’t rest on your laurels* from a marketing perspective.

*To rest on one’s laurels means to be so satisfied with what one has already achieved that one makes no further effort.

Call me to schedule your free consultation and I will show you how to keep and increase your market share. 

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