Noise and confusion caused by administrations in both the US and Ontario governments are forcing firms to re-think their value propositions, restructure distribution channels & supply chains while re-inventing their online brand experience to attract tech-savvy millennial buyers and order influencers into their marketspace.

Business leaders are introducing digital innovation strategies to create leaner, more productive digital relationships with manufacturing, distribution, logistics and administrative partners on both sides of the border to stabilize both raw material and end-user prices while maximizing returns for investors with higher profits:

  • Mobile technologies allow sales and territory managers to remain in the field for longer periods of time without having to incur the usual costs of traveling to and from the office to administer written reports, receipts and audit paperwork. In fact, automated online workflow tools can capture, analyze, evaluate and publish information in real time as district managers collect performance, safety and compliance data in the field from their tablets or smartphones.
  • Online learning systems with automated certification and recertification features allow a single person to manage thousands of trainees while virtually eliminating related travel and accommodation costs – and, employees can complete course segments during lower productivity times ensuring customers always have experts available, ready to service their needs during peak times.
  • E-commerce is now an accepted means of acquiring goods and services for both business and consumers and that buy-in is projected to reach upwards of almost US$30Billion in Canada by 2021.

Rob Ragusa, partner at DIT Web Solutions, shares his experience in assisting some of Canada’s biggest brands to implement their digital innovation strategies across the country, across borders and around the world, “There’s a lot of Canadian companies that are in a great place to benefit from digital innovations within their over-the-border supply chains and training programs. A digital innovation strategy first needs to explore the question of how best to reduce stress, anxiety and repetitive workload in the workplace so that product experts and brand ambassadors have more time to focus their efforts on reaching out and connecting with the people that can benefit from the brand’s promise. Then, the strategy needs to explore how to build on out-of-region customer relationships creating and maintaining a sense of buying and being serviced ‘locally’.”

Launching successful, profit-driven digital initiatives requires an underlying framework and corporate architecture that allows the firm to quickly adjust its technology direction towards the ever evolving needs and online expectations of the end-customer, delivering satisfaction inside of a few finger swipes — all the while ensuring that the brand and packaging accurately reflects the marketplace’s current value system.

About DIT Web Solutions

DIT Web Solutions, founded by Rob Ragusa and Louie Pateropoulos, offers more than 24 years of expertise in comprehensive market research, product planning, web application and mobile app development as the result of the merger of Avenue Road Advertising and Digital Ink Technologies, two seasoned companies. The in-house team of creative minds designs solutions that create efficiency for clients in the ever-changing digital world. Projects are created in-house without the headache of language barriers generated by oversees developers, ensuring a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and company products. The result is successful product launches and customer experiences.