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I walked into a Pizza Nova location and told the customer service person that I have always enjoyed their pizza. His reply was, “No one has ingredients like ours.”

He was right! Pizza Nova uses top quality ingredients and you can taste that difference in every bite.

The mushrooms, the pepperoni, the cheese are all top quality and their sauce is definitely a great Italian tasting experience!

Pizza Nova is a Canadian pizza restaurant chain that specializes in fresh, authentic, high-quality pizza. The first Pizza Nova location was opened in Scarborough, Ontario in 1963. Since that time, the chain has continuously expanded and now has over 140 locations all across the great province of Ontario.

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Pizza Nova’s menu features a variety of pizzas, including classic options like pepperoni and the signature “Veggie” pizza, as well as more unique offerings like the “Honey Stinger” and, my personal favourite, the “Basilicata.” In addition to pizza, they also serve salads, sandwiches, panzerotti, and a variety of sides like garlic bread and chicken wings.

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One of the things that sets Pizza Nova apart from their competition is their commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients. They make their dough fresh daily and use pepperoni that is raised without antibiotics or hormones. They also offer a selection of gluten-free and vegan options for customers.

Overall, Pizza Nova is a popular choice for pizza lovers in Ontario who are looking for a fresh, authentic pizza experience.

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Here you see Domenic Primucci, President of Pizza Nova and Rob Ragusa, Co-Owner of

DIT Web Solutions.

From a Public Relations perspective, Pizza Nova is exceptional! Every year at the Whitby Christmas Parade they donate a generous amount pizzas, delivered to our Whitby office, which we then give out to all the attendees along with hot chocolate, a spot to warm up and some friendly conversation. Everyone says, “I love Pizza Nova pizza.” Great branding, great positioning!

We are proud to be one of their technology suppliers and to publicize their great food along with their consistent and amazing community support.


Here are my takeaways from the Pizza Nova brand:

  1. Pizza Nova invests well in the Public Relations area and has made their brand widely known. This is an essential part of a successful, expanding business.
  2. Ensure that you deliver high quality products or services consistently.
  3. Put a priority on great customer service.
  4. Hire and retain great staff.
  5. Always be willing to be a supportive member of your communities.

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